Why Greece Should be on Every Traveler’s Bucket List

Some call it the cradle of Western civilization, with a history that’s mind-boggling. The country that has the Acropolis, Delphi, and Olympia, the land of Aristotle and Homer, Greece is one destination that should be on every traveler’s wish list. The miles of unspoiled coastlines, mesmerizing islands, and unparalleled hospitality, there cannot be any doubt as to why thousands descend on Greece every summer.

Santorini, Greece

The cheerful, easy-going life is charming and its fantastic destinations are a magnet for tourists.

Island hopping in Greece

Greece’s islands have been the main attraction of tourists. The wonderful Santorini, the lively Mykonos, the varied wonders of Create, the charm and peace at Paros or Naxos are special. Island hopping is easy as there are innumerable ferries like Hostelbay Ferries plying between the island. The endless skies, a rich marine life, great outdoors, and the sun are irresistible as are the many hidden coves, the sun-bathed beaches, and the numerous temples. The lesser known islands like the Sifnos, Lesvos, and Kea are amazingly pleasant, and the allure of a peaceful getaway on a sparsely populated island has its own charms. A vacation in Greece is like no other, where each day effortlessly blends into the next.

Greece has contributed more to global civilization than any other current nation. Athens, its capital city is an important city in history and its charm is timeless. Home to the World Heritage sites of Acropolis and Parthenon as is the original Olympic Stadium where the first Olympics games were held in 1896. And when in Athens, after a day of walking around sightseeing, try out some wonderful food at the many picturesque roadside restaurants located all around the city. The local ouzo with gyro and feta can melt away all the day’s fatigue.

The Greek Mainland

The Greek mainland is often given a miss by tourists as most head straight to the islands. However, the idyllic charm of the mainland, the highlands, and its old cities hide some wonderful sites. The Halkidiki region that begins near the historical and charming city of Thessaloniki and stretches on to the Aegean Sea offers trendy beaches in Kassandra, the dense pine forests of Sithonia and the creeks and coves, the pilgrimage site of Athos, and the majestic mountains and cliffs of the Pelon Peninsula. The gentle coastline along the Pagasitikos Gulf is alluring.

Travel to the northwest of Greece and besides the beaches and the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, the region between Syvota and Parga are perfect destinations for exploring marine life. The region has some wonderful beaches and the notable ones are the Kokkinos Vrachos, Mega Ammos (famous for watersports), the Mavronomos islet, and the Pisina that’s as pretty as pretty can be. The white sands, pebbles, the lush greenery, and the pristine blue waters are what makes Pisina picture perfect.

The Peloponnese

The beauty of the Peloponnese is its vast cultural riches as well as its superbly endowed landscapes. You would find some of the least explored beaches here. You would also find the palace of Agamemnon at Mycenae, and one of the best-preserved theatre at Epidaurus. A visit to Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic Games is a must as is its delightful seaside heavens along its western coast. The Peloponnese peninsula is waiting to be discovered, to delight you with its coastline. Explore the gulfs of Corinth, the welcoming beaches at Ilia, some of the best shorelines at Messinia, or the pebble beach at Paralia Tyrou in Arcadia.

A Must Do

It wouldn’t be easy to list a reason not to visit Greece. Despite its recent economic hardships and rumors of civil unrest, Greece remains as welcoming as ever. The diversity in landscapes, the wonderful experiences, its exquisite gastronomic fare, a culture that dates back to ancient times, this country is a world by itself. You have innumerable picturesque islands, great forests, snow-covered mountains, wonderful castles, and endless chapters from history. Greece has such a vast offering for the visitor that a single visit may not be sufficient. Many visitors who have gone there once have made it an annual affair.