4 Fun Games To Play At The Family Reunion

Reunions are a great way to bring your dearest loved ones together to have some fun. And the best way to have fun and be entertained is to play games that interest folks of all ages. Though the meet could be rushed or routine, games are a surefire way of breaking the monotony and gloom, while getting the entire congregation up in merriment and have a memorable experience.

Games such as Apples to Apples, Balderdash and Articulate may be popular among  store-bought games, but we are of the opinion that you needn’t spend an arm and a leg to have a great experience.

Here are four of our favorite family-centric games that is bound to excite, intrigue and unleash giggles:

1- Holiday Sticker Stalker

This is an excellent game to keep everyone among the bunch on their toes, unless a certain few are paranoid about being stalked.

Here is how it’s played: Everyone at the reunion gets a bunch of stickers- 10 would be great for starters. Their objective is to sneak up on their targets and stick a sticker on their opponent’s back. Should they be discovered before the shady deed, they’ll have to stipulate surrender and let the opponent stick his sticker on the stalker’s back. The first player to empty their sticker bag is to be declared the winner.

2- Ring Ring!

So here is how it’s meant to be played: The initiator is to whisper a short yet brief phrase to his neighbour to the right. The latter player is to whisper what he heard from the former player to his neighbour and the chain goes on in a full circle. The last person to hear the whisper would be the person sitting at the left side of  the host, who will step up and recite loud what he heard. Since the longer the chain, the chances of messing up the phrase rises hire and that’s guaranteed to eek out  a lot of giggles and some lovely memories for all to cherish.

3- Poker

Now this is a fun game which can be played by folks of all ages. Kids can often be taught to count without even becoming aware of it! Poker is a family of card games that can be a terrific reunion activity which all members can enjoy.

Poker is all about winning hands. A Royal Flush is the biggest win of them all which involves the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10s who share the same suite. Straight Flush follows with a sequential series of numbers such as 9-8-7-6-5-4 of the same suit (for examples, a sequence of clubs).

Then there are Four of a Kind followed by Full House- which 2 Kings and 3 Aces. The moderate wins are generally known as Flush– a hand all in a single suite such as 5 hearts. The final of the winning hands being “good hand”- 2 pairs or 3 of a kind. You can play this online at your family reunion and even make money. Some online gaming sites allow for Entropay alternative payment in Canada so making and receiving payments is easy. Once the turkey settles in your tummies, break out the cards and have the time of your evening.

4- Two Truths and a Lie

Players have to write down two truths and a lie about themselves on a sheet of paper. The audience has to guess which is the lie, while the player has to ensure he doesn’t get caught. The player who convinces the audience that his lie is a truth gets to move to the next level and strive to be the last to get caught. The last person caught is the winner.