5 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Long gone are the days when LinkedIn was little known and underestimated. Now, it is one of the most advanced social networks for business owners and professionals in various fields. Having an account on this social media platform is a must since it is a powerful tool for developing and promoting your personal brand. In case you are looking for new business contacts, employees, employers, sponsors, or partners, you should set up your profile on LinkedIn right now, and you’d better give it your best.

Optimize Your Profile

Building a strong LinkedIn profile provides you with additional opportunities on the path to professional achievements. You may look for LinkedIn accounts for sale to get instant success. Otherwise, you may use the tips below to optimize your profile.. To begin with, you should style your headline to interest the reader from the get-go. A meaty headline allows you to highlight your experience, unique skills, and strong points, so it should be more specific and informative than just your job title. Also, keep in mind that people who may play a major role in your professional life will search for business contacts using keywords. Try to include those that would make your profile pop up in different searches. When listing multiple specializations, you can use the separator character (|).

Consider the fact that busy people won’t spend much of their precious time digging painstakingly to the roots of your resume. They are likely to browse profiles searching for important details and getting to the main content as quickly as possible. Accordingly, it is a good idea to organize your resume with bulleted and numbered lists, short paragraphs, and other types of formatting designed to make your content easier to read. And if a person is interested in you, he or she will then review your resume file. It also needs to be original, so use a creative resume maker online. An eye-catching and professionally looking template will help you make the right impression, and your skills and achievements will do the rest.

Update Main and Cover Photos

The photos must be of high quality and consistent with your overall style. Remember that LinkedIn is a business network, so think carefully about how you want to look in the eyes of potential partners or employers. The photos should adequately reflect your status from a professional point of view. It is best to have a photo session with a professional camera in a studio, thereby providing yourself with a whole portfolio.

While requirements for business headshots are quite clear (appropriate clothing, hairstyle, and posture), a cover photo can be a bit tricky. Depending on your area of activity, you can place a logo or slogan, a photo of your workplace, a shot from a public event, also you can use a linkedin banner template or any other images and text elements that help to highlight your personality.

Use the Right Keywords

Most of the time, recruiters and entrepreneurs search for talents and partners based on potential job titles and companies they might work for. And LinkedIn’s search engine works in the same way as other search engines. When a person performs a search, he or she is looking for profiles that contain certain keywords. Think about words and phrases that are relevant to your professional life and that appear in the job postings that appeal to you. Include them not only in your headline but also skills and endorsements to become more searchable.

Adjust URL Settings

Upon creating a profile on LinkedIn, you will surely notice an awkward combination of letters and numbers in the address bar — and they add no value to your personal brand. But the random set of characters can be changed to meaningful ones. This will make it easier for people to find you and will also indicate that you are attentive to detail. It also comes in handy because you can use one URL for other social networks. You will find the URL editing feature in your profile settings.

Collect and Give Recommendations

Not only can LinkedIn recommendations revitalize your profile on this network, but they can also give a boost to your career. If you are willing to recommend someone, you will most likely be recommended in return or have your expertise in a specific area validated. And the more positive reviews you get, the more new opportunities you have. Since recommendations are publicly available, anyone who visits your profile can read them. And they can help you in the long run because exchanging recommendations will improve your relationships with other professionals on the platform.

Final Word

Do not take LinkedIn as a place for publishing an online resume. Communication and connections are even more important here than on other social networking sites. Therefore make sure to get into professional communities, as, by joining one of the groups, you will be able to promote your candidacy more effectively in the labor market.