5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself in Court After a DUI

When you find yourself with a DUI charge, you already face significant fees in fines and court fees, so you might not wish to pay for an attorney. However, there are several reasons why you should avoid representing yourself and instead work with Los Angeles DUI attorneys.

The Rules and Procedures of the Court

When you go to court for your DUI, you need to follow certain rules and procedures. This might include filing certain paperwork or simply knowing when to talk. If you do not follow the appropriate procedures, then you might end up losing on a technicality.

You Cannot Ask For Help

When you represent yourself, you cannot look to the judge, clerks or other members of staff to help you. They cannot fill out any form or give you advice on how to proceed. The most the judge will do is detail your rights and encourage you to seek counsel.

You Are Not Objective

Although a good lawyer is on your side, he or she will not be clouded by emotions. They are able to maintain enough of a distance to fight dispassionately and concentrate on disputing the evidence.

You Might Make Incriminating Statements

Unless you are well versed in the law, you might say something that hurts your case when you try to argue your point in court. You might believe that a certain fact supports your defense, but it might inevitably hurt you or simply not be a legal defense.

It Is Harder to Negotiate

Many lawyers have relationships with the prosecution and judges. This can make it easier to negotiate a plea deal or reduced charges, especially if you are not a repeat offender. If you represent yourself, you do not have these relationships, so you might not be able to negotiate the same deals.

Many lawyers provide a free consultation, so they can review your case and give you advice on how to proceed. Depending on the offense, you might be able to use a Sacramento traffic ticket lawyer service that might be more cost-effective. Find out more by visiting The Ticket Clinic website.