5 Things To Do After An Accident If You Are Still In Your Senses

The increase in the number of accidents occurring each year is alarming and is leading to millions worth of property damage, fatalities and injuries. According to The Global Burden of Diseases if accidents continue to increase at the same rate, by 2020 they will become the third leading cause of deaths worldwide.

There are various reasons why road accidents occur such as the recklessness of the person behind the wheel, failure in any part of the vehicle or the surrounding conditions like damaged roads, lack of road signs or illegal speed breakers, and so on. Difficult weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain, snow, thunder storms or wind storms can also lead to accidents, especially if the driver is inexperienced. On the other hand, even a small mistake or carelessness like forgetting to check your rear-view mirror or crossing the red light can lead to serious consequences.

Although some accidents can be avoided, a few take place without either of the driver’s fault. What’s more important is how you deal with the accident, especially if you are in a better condition than the one you’ve ended up colliding with. I have compiled a few tips to help you cope with the situation after the accident.

Do Not Run Away

Your instinctive reaction to being in a car accident is probably to enter into a state of panic since your decision making abilities are reduced to nil. Most people make the mistake of fleeing the scene even if they aren’t at fault. This can land you in serious legal consequences. Driving away from the scene can make you the bad guy. Don’t think you can actually run away, your own conscience will not let you live in peace. What if you could save someone’s life by sticking around, maybe they need medical assistance and you could drive them to the nearest hospital.

Seek Medical Aid

Even if it seems to you at that point you don’t need to see a doctor, it is best to get a check-up done as soon as you can. You may have suffered an internal injury which could prove fatal later on. It is a good idea to consult an injury lawyer to be fully aware of your rights after being injured. The best law firms offer free consultation like Naqvi Injury Law does. This way you don’t have to worry about the added expenses for the time being.

Notify The Police

The police needs to be involved as soon as possible about casualties and vehicular damage. This is important if you want to make a claim with your insurance company. This is also a good idea in case the other party is trying to run away. Furthermore, make sure the scene of crime remains untouched, the way the cars are on the road at the very instant after collision is the evidence required by the court to make a fair judgment.

Hire A Lawyer

An accident, especially the one with serious vehicular damage or fatalities can lead to a lawsuit. It is advised to be prepared for any kind of consequences by hiring a car accident lawyer. Before making any statements, it is best your attorney has walked you through all the consequences and has made sure you have sufficient evidence to defend yourself. If you already have a lawyer, don’t make a statement without consulting them. It is also wise to avoid putting the blame on the other party, likewise do not take the blame on yourself either. Let law take its course and hope for a fair outcome.

Take Pictures

Building on my last point, if the cars involved in the accident are placed in a way which is affecting the traffic, then it is a good idea to take pictures of the crime scene before you remove them. This will help you in the court proceedings. Take pictures of any injuries as well, so you have substantial amount of proof to help you defend your case.