6 Expert Tips On How To Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Without a shadow of a doubt, the air conditioner is one of the most important devices in the house, especially during hot, summer days when it is frequently utilized. It helps us cool our space and have a lovely, pleasant temperature.

It can be quite unpleasant and even bad for our health if the AC isn’t properly maintained. If you do not service it as often as you’re supposed to, it won’t function well and it will start consuming way more energy.

That’s precisely one of the reasons why you shouldn’t neglect it. In order to avoid any inconvenient situations when it comes to it, we’ve put together a list of useful tips that will help you accomplish your utility goals and achieve good air quality.

Useful Ways To Maintain Your AC

Make Sure The Coils Are Clean

Every air conditioner comes with air conditioning coils. They are here to help the refrigerant to absorb the heat and at the same time cool the room. Namely, these coils tend to be filled with dust particles which then decreases their capability to absorb heat.

Once this occurs, the AC unit is forced to work much harder to maintain the room’s temperature, hence, it’s of huge importance to ensure these coils are often cleaned if you want to avoid this unpleasant situation. 

Do Not Run Your AC All The Time

When it’s too hot outside, it’s difficult to force yourself to turn off your AC, especially if you’re at home all day (or at least until the temperature is lower). At times, people tend to use the air conditioner 24/7.

But is that truly necessary? If you’re wondering how long should ac stay off between cycles, the answer is between eight to ten minutes. So what happens if we do not turn it off the whole day? Can it lead to any damages?

First of all, it’s not the best idea in the world because it can drive up your electricity bill. Second of all, it could overwork the entire system, which can eventually cause a collapse which is why it isn’t recommendable for your AC to run continuously. After all, you want it to last for as long as possible!

These Tips May Come In Handy As Well!

Change The Air Filter Every Month

Changing the air filter is surely one of the best things you can do as far as maintaining your AC is concerned. What’s great about it is the fact that it’s something that can be done in just a couple of minutes.

Now, what’s the purpose of the air filter? It’s here to prevent dirt, dander, and dust from entering the space of your household. Just remember that an air filter can work properly only if it’s clean enough.

Don’t Forget About The Thermostat!

Make sure to regularly check the thermostat to ensure it works normally and provides you with the perfect cooling results. So what are you supposed to do if you have an older thermostat? In that case, it would be recommendable to upgrade it to the programmable one.

Why is that beneficial? Well, it’s because the latest ones usually come with smart features to secure the effective cooling of your house. Plus, these appliances enable you to set the temperature that suits you most.

Clean The Outside Unit

As time goes by, dirt, leaves, and grass clippings pile up outside your AC unit. So, once this happens it reduces the system’s capacity and decreases airflow. That’s precisely why maintaining the outside unit is equally important and shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost.

So what can you do? First, start off by shutting off power to the unit and then take a garden hose and slowly eliminate the debris. You should start at the top and then gently work your way down. Do not employ a power washer because if you do, it will scathe the unit.

Inspect The Condensate Drain

What is the purpose of this drain? Namely, it is responsible for condensation in your air conditioner. So, for instance, if the condensate drain is congested, it is going to stop drainage. Therefore, if by any chance you notice that the water isn’t getting drained out, then you should call a professional to check it out to see what’s wrong with it.

It is easy to conclude that maintaining your air conditioner is of huge importance because if it’s not performed on a regular basis it could cause some serious damages to the device and increase your electricity bills. That’s why you should follow all these tips to ensure it has a long lifespan.