6 Gift Ideas for the Writers In Your Life

Writing is a real craft and should be treated as such. This way of conveying our thoughts, reporting events, and providing an insight into areas of other people’s lives has been used since humans invented language and communication.

It really is an amazing way to view and digest information, and many people use both writing and reading as an escape from the day-to-day hectic life. Writing can also be an awesome way to relax and relieve stress, which is why it’s so popular and can almost act as a form of therapy by getting our thoughts down on paper and not allowing things to get bottled up.

Maybe you have some friends or family members in your circle who love to write and you’re currently thinking about giving them a little boost of positivity. We all need a little help in life and it’s the people around us who can provide the best support when chasing our dreams.

So What Are Six Great Gift Ideas I Can Give?

Below are some wicked ideas that might help you in choosing a gift for the writer you’re trying to help. Some of the best gifts for writers are when you bear the person in mind when sourcing it so you can align it with their personality. You want them to enjoy it when they finally receive it. Take a look below and see for yourself how wonderful and useful these gifts are when you give them to a writer.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

This could really help them by giving some insight into other writer’s ideas and techniques. We all need inspiration from time to time and studying what successful people do is a brilliant way to go about it. Ads with any area of our lives where we are trying to progress, finding out the fundamentals that work through those with a proven track record is an ideal way to get ahead.

Voice Recorder

It’s the absolute worst thing when you forget your amazing ideas. We don’t always have a pen and paper or the time to write down all of our thoughts. Using a voice recorder allows you to take down all your thoughts at a fast pace and play them back when you’re in a place to action them. 

Business Card

A business card is like a personal introduction, and they say that first impressions count. Designing and creating some of these vital pieces of kit could really help your writer springboard themselves forward by getting their name out there. Try and mirror their own creative flair and individuality so they really suit the vibe.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Only in recent years have they fully understood the damaging effects on our eyes by staring at computer screens. Our lives are now so dominated by technology these days. We use it for work, for our passions, and for communication with our loved ones. So for writers who are putting in long hours and looking at a screen for large parts of their day, blue-light-blocking glasses could be the perfect gift. They help to filter out harmful light without affecting clarity, aiding in reducing headaches. Just what you need when trying to be creative.

Subscription To Writer’s Digest

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and their work will put you on the path to emulate them and create your own success. Giving this subscription to the writer will not only provide some inspiration and motivation but could offer them the opportunity to feature in the magazine and catapult their writing career to the next level. We all need goals in our lives and having this as a visual reminder could be great.

The Writer Emergency Pack

So this is a bit of fun but also really handy. Just in case they need a bit of a pick-me-up or boost, the emergency pack contains things like idea cards, resources, and inspiration. We all suffer downtimes and this could be a cool way to help them. Have a look at these things and decide which might be the most suitable for the person in your life.

Regardless of the reason behind it, gifting someone is always a rewarding process and something you will really enjoy. This is also the same case when giving presents to your loved ones who are into writing. If you are in this situation right now, you just need to think outside of the box and check the ideas presented above. In doing so, you will have a gift that would please any writer at a moment’s notice.