6 Jewelry Care Tips That You Should Know About

As a jewelry lover, you may know that you should treat your jewelry with care and respect from time to time. You should also know that care involves checking the condition of your jewelry once in a while to keep it looking its best. This post will cover 6 essential tips that you can use to ensure your jewelry remains as pristine as when you first bought it.

Why Is Taking Proper Care Of Your Jewelry Important?

Jewelry is something that you wear every day, and because it’s always a part of your clothing, it’s essential to take the proper care of your jewelry. If you wear jewelry every day, make sure to clean it well and store it properly. Some people collect jewelry as heirlooms, while others may have purchased a beautiful piece from a pawn shop and it might have been in the family for generations or bought just recently by a loved one as an expression of love. With so much value attached to these jewelry pieces, taking good care of them is vital to keep their beauty over time.

  • Store In A Dry, Clean Area

The first tip will go a long way in protecting your items over time. If you are unable to do anything else, you should at least keep your jewelry appropriately stored. Jewelry is one of the most expensive items that you own. It requires care and attention to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Store them in a cool and dry place if you want your jewelry to last. Keep your jewelry safe and sound when you’re not using it by placing it in an airtight container such as a metal or plastic box. 

It is crucial to protect the value of your jewelry by correctly storing it. For example, diamonds are hard enough to scratch other gems when stored improperly with other objects such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets. The safe way of storing jewelry is to use a box or bag that protects the pieces from dust and other elements. 

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals 

You should not clean jewelry with harsh chemicals. The chemicals will damage the metal and other materials used in the jewelry. Many people believe that they can save their jewelry by cleaning them with harsh chemicals. However, they should know that these chemicals will corrode the jewelry and make it less valuable, and could irreparably damage their prices. If you want to remove dirt and grime from your jewelry, you can use a mild detergent and a soft toothbrush instead. You can use a mixture of water and a mild dishwashing liquid to get rid of dirt and blemishes. 

  • Silver And Gold Jewellery Should Be Kept Separate 

Gold is a notoriously soft metal. While the fact is well-known, many people still store gold with other metals. This can result in your gold jewelry becoming scratched or even deformed if placed underweight. In a way, this tip follows on from the first point, but you should still be aware to [place gold separately from silver and other items that could damage it.

  • Make Sure Your Jewelry Is Insured

In the past few years, the market for jewelry has expanded significantly. More people are buying jewelry to express their personality and provide additional value to their lifestyle. With more people investing in jewelry as a means of expression, it is essential to ensure that you are adequately covered by insurance. Jewelry is an item that can be very expensive if lost or damaged. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that you have adequate coverage in an accident or theft.

  • Keep Your Storage Dry

A metal like silver can tarnish quickly if exposed to excessive moisture. Therefore, it is vital to keep your storage area dry. You can do this by using chalk which is a natural moisture absorber. Alternatively and to avoid the mess, you can invest in silica gel packs. These are the little packs that come inside electronic packaging and are used for this exact purpose.

  • Rotate Your Pieces

Ultimately, the most straightforward tip may be the most effective. To keep your pieces looking their best, you should attempt to rotate them at least once a day. While this is not possible for wedding rings, most other items can be cleaned, stored, and reused on a rotational basis. As a result, they stay in top shape and are ready whenever you need them.

Jewelry doesn’t last forever. It can become scratched, dingy, and even tarnished over time, but the truth is, you can restore and maintain it for a lifetime. Whether you’re concerned about looking after your jewelry or looking after someone else’s, it helps to understand the principles of jewelry care.