6 of the World’s Best Candy Stores

Entering a candy shop goes a little like this: you’re wandering into a colorful world that seems like it exists on a different plane of reality. You hear the churning of a taffy machine and the crinkle of candy wrappers encasing chocolate delights, your mouth is watering, and the smell of sugar is overwhelming as it wafts through your nose.

Hungry yet?

The next time you find yourself taking a trip around the world, make sure to stop by these candy stores that come pretty close to a childhood fantasy:

1. The Honeydukes Sweet Shop; Universal Studios Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida

Do you remember reading and watching Harry Potter as a child, and wishing with every fiber of your being that something like the Honeydukes candy store was real? Well, you’re in luck! Not only does Honeydukes have a permanent place in Universal Studios, but it’s also an exact replica of the real thing. You will never have trouble finding some Butterbeer to drink while eating a chocolate frog. Never believe the person who says magic isn’t real!

2. SugarSin; Covent Garden and Brighton, London

Pippi Longstocking would be ecstatic if she stepped through SugarSin’s doors! This candy shop took inspiration from the one in the story, and the Swedish sisters, Anna and Josefin Nilsson undeniably give it justice – from the inviting pink-checkered walls, light blue tables, and the unique spectrum of Swedish flavors. SugarSin also takes pride in its boozy-tasting treats, like its Prosecco and rosé flavored gummy bears. However, there’s not any real alcohol in them. But they are trans fat-free! Most of all, you can also rely on the fact that SugarSin will only invest in the finest and highest quality sweets in Europe. They sell nothing less than perfection.

3.  La Belgique Gourmande; Brussels, Belgium

Belgium never fails to do it right with chocolate since the chocolatiers of La Belgique Gourmande are pioneers of their craft. Upon entering the shop, you are greeted with a gargantuan chocolate fountain that looks way too tempting and welcoming for people to stick their hands in. In every corner, you will be overwhelmed with how many chocolates there are to choose from that you will have no idea where to start. To make things even better, you can even try their delicious Belgian waffles and beer!

4. La Violeta; Madrid, Spain

Taking inspiration from the violet flower, La Violeta continues to stand as one of Spain’s most treasured confectionaries since 1915. How could it not? You can’t find a delicate violet-flavored candy anywhere else! Each product looks as if it’s wrapped for royalty, which makes you feel a bit more elegant when nibbling on a flower decorated caramel. You cannot miss this romantic, lavender-hued shop when in Spain.

5. Méert; Lille, France

Once you enter the rich black building, the natural sunlight illuminates the shop, transporting you to vintage and opulent dimension that was once, and still is, a favorite of elites such as King Leopold I. Upon the shelves, you’ll find Méert’s infamous chocolates and caramels. But at the front, you must ask to try their signature gaufre waffles. Furthermore, you can enjoy their patisserie delights such as cakes and tarts in conjunction with your candy. Lastly, don’t forget to grab a cup of their coffee and seasonal tea before you leave as well.

6. Candylicious; Singapore

No, unfortunately, the lollipop trees aren’t edible – but no worries! Candylicious’ motto is “eat happy,” and you will do just that. They import candies from all around the world, such as the American favorite Reese’s, Butlers chocolate from Dublin, and even the classic Caffarel’s Piedmontese chocolate of Italy – so every person can get their hands on a favorite childhood treat.

Candy will always bring you back to childhood days, so you can bet that visiting these candy shops would turn into a trip down memory lane. The world offers so many candy shops, but you should start with the best on this list. Before you know it, you’re leaving with your arms full of delightful treats you can’t wait to dig into once you get back home or to the hotel. Be careful not to eat too much candy in one sitting; you don’t want to end up with a sugar addiction and cavities!

Wow, talk about satisfying your sweet tooth to the max!