6 Top Home Renovation Tips

If your home is looking tired and outdated, you may be in search of ideas to freshen it up. Whether it’s time for a change or you’re preparing to sell, renovating your home can make a big aesthetic difference to your property.

For many, renovating their home is an overwhelming prospect. But it doesn’t have to be. When you focus on one room at a time and stick to your budget, updating your living space is achievable. Here are six tips to get you started.

1. Get Out the Paintbrush

Never underestimate the power of a coat of paint. Older homes will often have outdated color palettes, and a shade of crisp white paint will give your walls an instant, modern appearance.

Lighter hues will make any room look larger and create a light and airy feel. With that in mind, paint your home, inside and out, taking care to wash the surfaces first for a smoother finish.

2. Change Out the Furniture

Replacing old furniture is a quick and easy way to revitalize your home — and no DIY skills are required. Before you make a purchase, make sure you have a theme in mind to avoid a mismatched room.

For example, you may like a sophisticated style that features a leather sofa and oversized dining table. Alternatively, you could have a contemporary theme with shades of gray and white.

3. Create a Bathroom Oasis

You use your bathroom every day, and it’s a common area of your home that tends to suffer from wear and tear. Indeed, this is a space worth investing in, whether you hire a professional or use your own DIY skills.

Consider changing the tiles, replacing the shower screen, adding a bath, or installing new taps. Or, if you’re confident, have the whole space gutted and rebuilt, giving you the bathroom of your dreams.

4. Work on The Kitchen

The kitchen and dining area, where you entertain family and friends, are the heart of your home — meaning guests will definitely notice any changes you make. For an affordable renovation, think about replacing old cabinet doors and fittings with new ones, as well as updating the benchtop.

Accessories such as brightly colored tea towels, shiny appliances, fresh flowers and furniture can quickly transform an aging kitchen and dining room into a new, revitalized space.

5. Redo the Flooring

If you have frayed, stained carpet or faded wooden floors, it can certainly detract from the interior look of your home. Redoing your flooring can add value to your home and is a renovation you won’t regret. When removing carpet, you may even be lucky enough to discover floorboards underneath.

For those on a tight budget, adding a rug will give you a design feature, while disguising less-than-perfect flooring.

6. Utilize Any Unused Space

When renovating your home, it isn’t all about what looks pretty. Functional additions can make your everyday living areas more comfortable as well as free you from the clutter. Think about installing wardrobes in bedrooms, shelving throughout the home and cupboards under the stairs.

You can also make doing laundry more enjoyable by hanging brooms and mops, adding shelves and organizing your linens.

Make Your House a Home Again

Renovating your home can be a simple afternoon job or a much larger project. Updating furniture, painting walls, and fixing old flooring are just a few ways you can give your home a more modern finish.

No matter your budget or level of DIY experience, you can give your property a brand new look with these half-dozen renovation tips.