7 Steps to Create a Successful Travel Package Promo in 2020

If you have a travel agency, creating a travel package promo is not easy. There are crucial steps involved to come up with a package that can enhance the traveler’s experience, increase bookings, and boost their spending.

Small and big travel companies work hand in hand with different tourism partners in creating unforgettable and budget-friendly packages for travelers. They work with retailers, online travel agents, government, and local businesses.

Creating well-planned travel promos can increase the bookings and loyalty of your guests. Later on, it can boost a traveler’s satisfaction with your agency and appreciate the destination better.

In this post, we’ll look at the steps that you can do to create successful tour packages that travelers will love in 2020. Let’s first look at the meaning of travel package:

Travel Package

A package is a combination of one or more products or services and purchased as a single transaction rather than separately. For travel agencies, you can partner with hotels, government, or private businesses to develop a package that can boost the traveler’s experience and provide them with cost-effective packages.

You can think of creating a package including flight and accommodation, flight, accommodation and tour, tour only, or flight and pick-up services. Your aim is to create appealing packages or promos for travelers so that they’ll book you.

Step # 1: Define your business needs.

What kind of package promo do you want to create? What do you want to focus on? Do you want to create a package for tours, flights, hotels, or combinations?

Only when you have defined your business needs you can go to the next step. It’s very important that you know what to focus on so it will direct your planned packages.

Step # 2: Define your target audience.

Who are you targeting? Do you want to target solo travelers, twin sharing or families/ groups?

When you know who to target, you can think well what type of package is appropriate for an audience. Think of their needs. A well-conceptualized tour package built around the type of traveler ensures that they will surely like and book it.

Step # 3: Think of the sectors or partners that can help you.

You need to think about the people, institutions, or businesses that you need to work with. Definitely, there will be permits in your target destinations that you need to get before creating travel packages.

Talk to the right hotel, transportation, or airplane personnel. You’ll be needing to partner with them for the promo packages. You can submit your proposal online, talk over the phone, or visit them in person to discuss the benefits that they’ll get if they work with you.

It may take time for you to choose your partner in business. It’s very important that you form a relationship with them before offering them a partnership.

You’ll also be more likely to work with educational organizations,   clubs or groups, and restaurants.

Step # 4: Create a draft of your package promo.

This step involves creating a draft of your package promo. Check out the following information that you need for this step:

  • Name of the package.
  • Details of the package.

On your end, you need to compute your total cost. You should break down everything for the computation of ROI.

Here is a sample package:

Name of package: Unforgettable Maldives

Inclusion: 4 days, 3 nights with roundtrip flight, accommodation at Rasdhoo Atoll Residence

Price: $1176

Step # 5: Define the operational process.

Now, you have to provide the details of your operation. How would you carry out the planned packages?

Answer questions including:

  • Who is in charge of the booking?
  • How do you manage and control the inventory?
  • What mode of payments is available?
  • Who handles customer inquiries and complaints?

You need to be clear if there are any block out dates for the packages. Train all your staff about the package promos.

Step # 6: Marketing.

The success of your package promos will depend much on your marketing strategies. You need to plan who will be your marketing team and what promotional techniques you need to carry out.

Consider the timing of your promotion. It should not coincide with big events, holidays, or special activities in your target destination.

Plan how you are going to promote it. Do you need leaflets, banners, social media promotion or ads, emails, newsletters?

Step # 7: Listen to feedback and refine your promo.

After carrying out all your effort, you need to evaluate the result. Are the packages sold out or not?

Did you receive favorable feedback or complaints? It’s very important to document the experience of your guests.  Ask for reviews and take photographs as proof of their experience with your travel agency.