7 Things You Can Do To Focus On Your Health & Wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic and the pertaining confusion surrounding the new normal and changing work habits propelled the entire human population into a poor wellness routine. With almost everyone being limited to their homes owing to the lockdowns that lasted a combine of 18 months put together, the health and wellbeing of all individuals took a serious toll. Gym junkies couldn’t hit the gym anymore; those who enjoyed a stroll in the park couldn’t do so; quiet folks who enjoyed having a cup of coffee in solidarity in their favorite cafes weren’t able to do so either. The combined effects of all such instances have propelled all of us to reside in unhealthy living patterns, and 2022 is the time we can undo some of that damage.

Whether you aim to shed a few pounds, improve your stamina or simply focus on your mental health, given below are seven things that you can do to focus on your wellbeing:

1.     Get enough sleep

While this may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how many individuals ignore this evergreen piece of advice. Sleep and rest are crucial to a well-functioning human body and is the ultimate step one can take toward their health and wellbeing. One needs to rest to recover from their daily engagements, and sleep provides the healing that your body needs to function mentally and physically throughout the day.

Enough sleep also regulates hormones in the human body that is responsible for our mood and emotions. Most instances of emotional imbalance in our body – such as unexplainable anger, irritation, or anxiety – can be explained by a lack of sleep. An adult human body requires at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

2.     Have a balanced and nutrient-rich diet

In addition to proper sleep, your body also needs nutrients to function. The statement that you are what you eat couldn’t be more true, as the food you consume determines your overall bodily health and function. In addition to the obvious physical connection, food is also linked to an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.

An abundance of sugar and processed goods lead to health problems, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and anxiety. It is suggested that individuals stray away from sugar, processed goods, and caffeine, and consume seasonal fruits and vegetables aplenty to stay healthy.

3.     Exercise and move about

If you want to focus on your health and wellbeing, remaining physically active should be your number one priority as physical wellness is linked to both bodily and mental functions. Exercise helps increase the flow of blood and oxygen in your body that produces happy hormones and keeps you fresh and energetic.

You do not necessarily have to attain a gym membership or hire an expensive trainer to be fit, rather simple bouts of physical activity would be good enough in the beginning. Taking a walk around the block after every meal, taking the car out less to run errands nearby, or taking your pet for a walk are good ways to start your journey of physical wellbeing.

4.     Keep track of your progress

In addition to tsking all the endeavors as mentioned above, it is also important that you keep track of all the progress you are making. Whether this is through a friend, mentor or a mobile application is up to youz. While there exist multiple fitness and food-tracking apps that seem like the perfect choice for you, know that some of these apps can harbor toxic and excessively regulative behaviors in yourself. When choosing an app to focus on your well-being, choose one that has a well-rounded approach to your overall health.

The wellness mobile application by Cathay Pacific is a great example of a well-rounded wellness app that can act as your virtual companion during your wellness journey termed the Cathay Wellness Journey. It can help you count the number of steps you take in a day and your level of hydration while even benefitting you with air miles – talk about motivation!

5.     Refrain from smoking and alcohol

Smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol are two of the worst things that you can do to your body. Even if you do every little thing on this list but do not give up smoking and drinking, you’d essentially be doing no good for your body and simply be investing in damage control.

While alcohol affects your liver, pancreatic function, heart health, and brain activity, smoking causes you to have a higher propensity to develop lung, stomach, and colon cancer. Smoking and excess alcohol function are two poor habits that you would have to let go of if you wish to focus on your wellbeing.

6.     Interact and be social

While focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing calls for being more intuitive about yourself, it also calls for interacting with other individuals in a healthy manner snd maintaining working relationships. A lack of communication snd companionship is a leading cause of depression and mental illnesses.

Irrespective of how difficult your professional life may be, try to accommodate meeting with your friends and family regularly. Social interaction in a certain quantity can help you reduce stress and feel more like yourself. A basic human need for social acceptance can only be satiated if you spend time in the company of your loved ones.

7.     Adopt healthy stress dealing mechanisms

Stress is the leading cause of most physical and mental diseases in human beings, and if stress rules your life you could be in trouble. Stress could cause you to lose sleep, develop illnesses and lose your appetite. It could also lead to you having a bad mood throughout the day and in turn hampering your relationships at work and home.

To deal with stress healthily you should practice self-care and other relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and mediation. Stress can be both destructive and motivating, depending upon how you choose to deal with it.


While going after your wellbeing with 100% dedication can be a difficult feat to achieve, it isn’t impossible. While your begin to pay increased attention to your health, it is crucial that you take small steps and gradually build a wellness-focused lifestyle for yourself that you can carry on with for the rest of your life. Well-being and health come from balance, growth, and acceptance.