A List of the Top Things You Need for Camping

If you are going on a camping trip, you will need to bring certain things. Check out this list of the most important things you need for camping.

Can you survive roughing it out in the woods for a few nights? In the past, camping meant using your basic survival skills. Today, the activity is recreational. If you plan on taking a trip, then you need to bring the right supplies. Failing to pack the right things can turn a recreational trip into a survival nightmare. Read on to get a detailed list of all the things you need for camping.

A Shelter or Building Tools

Having a temporary shelter should be a primary concern when camping. Here’s what a shelter provides that’s so important:

  • Protection from the elements (rain, direct sunlight, wind)
  • Ability to stay warm or cool
  • Sanitation and privacy
  • A safe haven from insects and animals

If you’re new to camping, then you need to bring a tent. If you’re an expert, then tools for shelter construction are camping gear essentials. Be prepared to build a temporary shelter if weather conditions get poor.

Food and Water Rations

Food and water rations are necessary things for camping regardless of your experience. Something as minor as a sprained ankle could turn deadly fast without water or food. Here’s an overview of what to consider when planning food and water for your camping needs:

  • The needs of each camper
  • How long you expect to stay for
  • How you will cook or prepare your food
  • Whether you will need to secure your food from animals

This must-have camping gear will be heavy, but it’s worth the weight.

Fire Starter Material

Fire is important when you’re camping. It provides heat and a place to cook your food. Are you wondering how to cook on an open fire? Check out the Camping Pro Shop for tips on how to cook while camping. When done right, it also helps keep away animals and bugs. For a fire, you’ll need either matches or a lighter. If you plan on gathering your own wood, then you’ll also need a few tools.

Emergency Supplies

Emergency medical supplies are essential camping gear. Always carry a kit with basic supplies like bandages and pain relievers. Sterile wipes, tweezers, and hydro-cortisone cream are good choices, too.

Extra Things You Need for Camping

Surveys show that camping is becoming more popular among the Millennial generation. If you’re planning a trip, then you might want to bring along a few extras. Here are some comfort, non-essential items to consider:

  • Sleeping bags
  • Chairs
  • Lanterns and flashlights
  • Cooking pots and pans
  • Eating utensils
  • Fuel
  • Cooler
  • Trash bags
  • Solar or portable power
  • Toilet paper
  • Bug spray

Do you hear that sound? It’s the wilderness calling for you!

If you follow this outline, then you should have all the things you need for camping. Extra supplies are always useful but never forgo the essentials. You’ll regret it if you do! Can you think of more useful camping supplies that we left out of this list? What camping supplies do you consider to be the most vital? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a reply in the comment box below.