Trends short girls should avoid

Being short is often times great. As a matter of fact, short girls are the pettiest girls. But when actual growth is out of the question, many short girls do not want to appear that way all day every day. Wearing heels is very problematic as not only does it pose a danger on your back, it can be exhausting. As short people, we need clothes that will hide our short nature and add a few inches on our heads in the eyes of those who see us.

Although, having a simple silver bangles for women might impose the feeling of being tall but that’s not all.

  1. Tunic tops

No doubt these are very stylish tops to wear especially with jeans or leggings. However they are totally out of the question for short people. They will make you look even shorter than you actually are especially if you wear them and also make the mistake of wearing flat shoes. You put yourself in danger of looking like a teen. Although tunic tops appear stylish and look sexy, if you wear them with wrong combination of shoes or under pants, they can highlight on your height and make you look much smaller than you are.

  1. Round toe heels

While the heel in itself is a mechanism to make you appear taller, +sleek pointy toe heels will create the illusion on longer legs and thus, in the eyes of you beholder a tallest you. Round toe heels will give your beholder more time to assess your heal and notice how short you actually are.

  1. Oversized layering

Remember the oversized layering style in 2005? Yeah, well avoid that. Like the tunic top and everything else that flows, is baggy and long, they will make you look even shorter that your actual height. If you are petite and short you will look like a baby in oversized layered clothes.

  1. Horizontal stripes

It is unknown why but horizontal stripe do take away inches of your height. You still want to do stripes? Flip them and go for the vertical stripes instead or the zigzag or boxy stripes, an automatic you are not as short change. Vertical/zigzagged stripes also makes the details to be more visible hence capture people concentration from your height.

  1. Oversized bags

Big bags are great, classy and the huge room allows you to fit most things inside. However, as a short person it may feel like you are hiding behind your bag. Therefore, avoid this by opting for more sizeable smaller bags. It should never look like the bag is carrying you or is too large for you, remember it is an accessory.

  1. Mid- calf boots

One thing about short people is that in most cases, they have short legs too. The mid- calf boots will cover most of your small legs and leave you looking even shorter. Do yourself and your legs a favor and swipe them for cool ankle boots instead.

  1. Tea length dresses

If you are short and petite this is something, you should avoid. It absolutely does not work for you. If you are going to show some legs go all out and show those legs. The tea length dresses do not do the trick for you at all. In fact, it’s best to wear knee length dresses and show the legs perfectly than trying the tea length trick.

  1. Full maxi skirts

You are short and these skirts go all the way to the floor making you look even shorter. With full-length maxis you recreate the Barbie cake topper on most kids birthday cakes. An even worse scenario is you looking like a bell.


As a short person its important to realize your potential and maximize on it. Avoid being in competition with taller girls and work on your strengths. This way, you will not only feel comfortable in the clothes you wear but also feel confident all the time.