The Push-Up Jegging

Often, when we are in front of the closet still in our underwear, with the clock hanging frenetically and a man (or even worse, a friend) waiting for us outside, we start to get confused, and out of desperation we start to slip into our clothes without a logical sense, then leaving the house like old-fashioned gypsies.

We’ve prepared for you a list of outfits on Saturday night that really suit every occasion.

How to find an outfit Saturday night? Well, first of all, the hard part is figuring out where you’re going. Every place has its outfit, and we certainly can not think of dressing in the same way if we go to a pub, a disco, a luxury restaurant or a restaurant.

Shall we start?

Outfit Saturday night at the disco

Think about a “classic disco”, the one with the commercial music that we women like so much because we can finally show off that crazy dress that we bought along with that heel 18 to die for.

You can opt for something extravagant, that you can see among the strobe lights.

Obviously everything is to be embellished with trench coats or furs depending on the season!

To this outfit on Saturday night, you can add golden accessories, such as classic rigid bracelets and minimal earrings.

Outfit Saturday evening at the restaurant

Super sexy and sensual the dress for a dinner at your favourite restaurant.

You can play with minimal gold accessories. Then match up some black Louboutins and that’s it, you’re ready!

Look for Saturday night at the cinema

Even Saturday night at the cinema can be glamorous, that could make fall in love with him who is taking you to the movies. Match thick black leggings with an oversize shirt or cardigan. Combine some accessories such as big earrings or big necklaces. Everything with boots and eventually choose a short jacket.

How to dress on Saturday night at the pub

We want to keep this very simple: a black jersey and a pair of push up denim jeggings combined bit black boots.

You don’t know what they are?  As the more known push-up bra, the push up jeggings visually increase and elevate the bust. However, what does this term mean when applied to pants?

Freddy, a key player in the industry that after years and years of research has developed the WR.UP ® technology that allows those who wear these pants to obtain a pleasing optical result in terms of the b-side. In fact, you can see well positioned strategic sewing on the b side that makes the back clearly more lifted and toned.

You will look like as if you just finishing doing 5 series of 100 squats each! Joking aside, WR.UP technology is based on the combination of three effects, smoothing effect, lifting effect and shaping effect.  Freddy is 100% Made in Italy and in order to avoid any fake product and obtain the maximum result, we suggest you to always buy on Freddy’s official website.

Well, for this post we have finished, let us know with a comment what is your favourite outfit and if you’ve ever worn anything like these for your outfits Saturday night.