Awesome nail trends for the new year

The nights may be long and cold, but that doesn’t mean that your self-care should go out of the window; indeed, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself feeling and looking good whilst the social calendar gets quieter. It’s easy to lose a little self-confidence over the cold months, so do the things that you enjoy and pamper yourself when possible.

An easy way to elevate your look is by glamming up your hands with some acrylic nail sets to help achieve your desired look. Not only can they be done in under an hour, but they will make you feel instantly more fabulous and put you in a better mood. Even if it does get dark at 4 pm, your nails can be the shining light!

Here are some nail trends to keep you inspired for 2024!


Chrome is having its moment right now and is currently taking centre stage when it comes to nail trends. Beloved by minimalists like Hailey Bieber, chrome nails add a touch of shimmer and shine to an otherwise everyday nail that doesn’t have any bells and whistles.

Pearl is an enduring colour that will always be loved, especially by brides, whilst the winter months call for frosty tones. Think pastel shades, like lilacs and mints, with a wintery appearance.

Skinny French tips

Perfect for those who love the practicality and don’t want the hassle of extensions, the micro-French mani is taking Gen Z by storm and giving the young generation plenty of creative license to design their nails exactly as they, please.

Forget long nails that you have to accommodate for whenever you want to use your hands; have fun with different colours. For winter, play around with dark shades like indigo and emerald for an elegant yet playful Christmassy look.

Simple red

Some designs are just timeless, and that applies to the fiery red manicure. Channel Parisian chic with a bold nail colour that will contrast nicely with any clothes that you’re wearing. Beloved by famous fashion designers too, it’s no secret that a red nail brings a fierce energy to your overall look.


Siding once more with the ‘less is more’ trend, celebrities and influencers are proving the power of an understated gloss. A symbol of quiet luxury, this timeless manicure is gaining momentum once again. Paired with a simple blush shade and optional white tips, this design is a vision of elegance and sophistication.

Signature shapes

Not only are colours the things on everyone’s lips, but shapes are also having a moment. Soft squares and almond shapes are also increasing in popularity as a practical alternative to long nails. The almond shape in particular will lengthen your fingers and make them appear slenderer. The soft squares, on the other hand, offer something a little more alternative whilst also flattering all hand types.