Some Creative Home Maintenance Tips To Maintain Property Value

A Schedule

If you get lost driving on a highway, you’re unlikely to find your way back to the path you were on without turning around and retracing your steps. Sometimes you may wing your way to the right path, but that’s statistically unlikely.

When it comes to cleaning, something similar applies. Things tend to snowball, and you’ve got to correct them quickly. If you don’t, you’ll become “lost” in your uncleanliness, and finding your way back might seem impossible.

If your home is dirty, take one task at a time until you’ve finished everything. Don’t rush, just get it done. Once everything is cleaned, to keep it that way, you’ll need a regular cleaning schedule. Make it part of your daily routine, and you’ll never have to spend more than twenty minutes cleaning.

Think about it: 120 minutes cleaning (do take one day aside to rest) over a week is a lot less work than letting everything pile up and spending half the day getting it set straight during your time off every Saturday morning.

Establishing Your Routine

Perhaps start in the kitchen. Put away the appliances you used to prepare the meal, wash the dishes when you’re done. Maybe get a Roomba for the floor, and clean any spill immediately. Your trash likely won’t fill up more than once a week; take it to the dumpster as soon as it does. It’s only a two-minute chore.

In the bathroom, do the same thing. Don’t leave clothes lying around, put them in a hamper and wash them when it fills. Refill the toilet paper dispenser. Wipe off the lid and clean up after yourself every time. Wipe down spills and the like as they occur. By doing this regularly, your only morning chore will be a quick vacuum or something (or sweep if you have tile/wood floors).

But alas, some individuals work so much that there just isn’t time to get anything done on a daily basis. Especially with those in high-powered legal positions, sometimes an apartment is really only yours in name, and you sleep at your legal practice more often than you’d admit in casual conversation. For such solutions, it may be time to outsource.

Working With Exterior Cleaning Agencies

Determining whether or not to outsource cleaning services can be a tough decision, but you may justify it this way: maintaining your property maintains its value, and could help enhance it should you renovate and expand as necessary. The outsourced cleaning service is an investment to that end. Play your cards right and you’ll see additional profit when it comes time to sell. Benchmark Cleaning is a service that provides office and residential cleaning services. But before you settle on one, make sure their work blends into your business schedule.

When it comes to the exterior maintenance of your home, it just makes a lot of sense to hire a lawn care agency and install a good sprinkler system. There are likely some excellent sprinkler system companies in your area. Make sure to give them a call.

Granted, you can do these things yourself if you enjoy doing them; or seek professional help who will free up your time for other activities. But the bottom line is, if you want to keep things clean and maintain property value without working at it continually, fix problems as they arise and you see them, and automate where possible.