Bargain Break: The Cheapest Cities To Visit In Europe This Year

We all need a break every now and again. Just a quick weekend escape to getaway from work. One problem, budget.

It can be hard to fit a weekend break into the budget, what with other trips planned, bills, rent, the usual things that put us out of pocket the day after payday.

Naturally, there are alternatives. A break can really revitalise us and the opportunity to pay for your trip in instalments or by using a credit card can really save the day.

There are some top credit cards for travelling in Europe and can comfortably get you through a mini-break, as long as you can pay it back of course!

Today, there are so many cities you can get away with visiting for such a small price. If you’re looking for a cheap getaway, why not book your flights to one of the cities below, jam packed with things to do for just a snip of what you’d pay in Europe’s major capitals.


Budapest is one of Europe’s hidden gems and is a fantastic break for those wanting to both relax and party.

Their thermal baths are among the finest on the continent with Szechenyi a must visit for tourists.

Come nightfall, the ruin bars offer a hugely different experience to what you’d find back home, with drinking holes like labyrinths and random shows beginning right in front of you.


Krakow is perhaps the cheapest city in Europe, offering low prices on everything from flights and accommodation to a pint of beer at just £1.57.

There’s plenty to do, from the Wieliczka Salt Mine to the Wawel Castle and Main Square, a hive of activity where you’ll also find plenty of walking tours to enjoy.


Lithuania might not be the first port of call for many tourists but it’s cheap, cheerful and one of the most up-and-coming cities in Europe.

With a bohemian attitude and thriving art and craft beer scene, it’s a hip place to visit and has plenty to explore.

The Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site, while the amount of street art surrounding the bars and restaurants is inspiring.


You’d perhaps be surprised to hear the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, is one of the cheapest in Europe.

Close to the coast and tons to do, from taking a tram through the historic windy streets to viewing the entire city from the top of a car park-come-bar, you’ll never stop being surprised by the city.

It’s food markets are up there with anything in Madrid or Paris, with the Time Out Market the centrepiece of that. It’s perfect for the budget break and certainly one of the best cities in the world to just relax and soak up the sun.