Battling Erectile Dysfunction with Exercises and Supplements

A Harvard study on erectile dysfunction treatments found that a mere half hour of relaxed walking per day led to a whopping 41% decrease in the risk of ED. Another clinical study conducted by Harvard researchers also reported that moderate workouts help in restoring sexual functions in overweight and middle-aged men. Apart from eating right and sticking to a healthy lifestyle, maintaining an active life is important in dealing with sexual woes.

Additional action can be provided by natural male enhancement pills like Orexis, the reviews for which are mostly positive, says unbiased review site Top Male Enhancers. Such natural supplements help in improving the quality and duration of erections, while also enhancing libido and stamina. However, before you try Orexis, learn more about its dosage, ingredients and side effects.

In addition, here are some exercises that can also help.

Exercises for ED

Kegel Exercises: Also known as pelvic floor exercises, kegel exercises are hugely advantageous for men with problems like ED and premature ejaculation. They also enhance the strength and intensity of orgasms. Before performing these exercises, you will need to locate the muscles involved. For this, try to willingly stop the flow of urine mid-stream and restart again. Once the muscles have been identified, you can tighten by drawing them in and release after a count of five. Perform about 8 to 10 repetitions. Men should ideally repeat this about 4 to 5 times a day for desirable results.

  • Cardiovascular Exercises: There are many benefits of regular cardiovascular exercises. Apart from helping erectile dysfunction, cardio exercises improve heart health by regulating blood pressure and improving muscle tone. It also helps in shedding weight and managing stress. Regular cardio can improve sleep patterns and help you feel more rested. It also enhances a person’s stamina. For best results, you need to practise cardio exercises for about 20 to 30 minutes each day, 4 to 5 times a week. Cardio can be practiced in several forms, such as speed walking, running, rowing, jogging. etc. You can choose the one you are most comfortable with but don’t overdo things.


  • Weight Training: One of the smartest ways to improve erectile dysfunction is to improve the function of the endothelium, which is the inner lining of the blood vessels. This can be achieved with the help of resistance as well as cardio training. Additionally, when we add weights to this training, it helps in enhancing muscle mass as well as bone strength, and improve balance and stability. It also helps in regulating blood pressure.

In addition, yoga, which connects the body to the mind can also help. Salsa or any other form of dance may also help in managing stress and improving stamina.

Of course, some of the best natural male enhancement pills can play a key role in this too. However, make sure you read the reviews, such as those for Orexis, and learn about the ingredients, dosage and side effects, if any, before choosing the ideal way to treat your condition. The natural herbs used in such pills offer multiple health benefits and have not been linked to harmful side effects.