Carwash Facility Marketing Strategies with Plastic Model Car Kits and Other Smart Hacks in 2021 and Beyond

Americans have a strong love affair with well-maintained cars. Their vehicles are usually the second most expensive investment after a house. Keeping it in good shape is a ritual most car owners follow diligently. People prefer a professional touch when it comes to a wash instead of a DIY project. Trips to local workshops, therefore, are quite frequent. This is also because several environmental limitations have forbidden car wash in residential areas. The global car wash services market size was valued at $27.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8% from 2021 to 2028, with the end of the pandemic. A rapid rise in the customer base is an ideal opportunity for more cash flow into your business.

But you have to be up to date with the industry marketing strategies. It will keep the existing customers loyal to you while attracting new faces. Get both vintage and fashionable plastic model car kits from Premier Car Models

for top brands like BMW, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen. These can be sent as holiday promotional gifts. Read on for more tips.

Ø  Send Freebies

Holidays are the right time to drop exciting gifts via direct mail. Pick plastic model car kits for sale from a specialist model making company. They are perfect tokens that match your industry and appeal to car fanatics. Discount vouchers, a free wash or a loyalty program are also quite effective. It will create a positive buzz since people love free stuff. Sending promotional products reminds existing customers of your presence and get potential new ones on board.

Ø  Use Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help reach your local community. Have an active social media presence. It is an affordable alternative to maintaining a website. Post informative, educational and valuable car-related content. This will give potential customers a reason to follow you. Define your goals, set up a content calendar, humanize your brand and optimize your post frequency. Consider hosting contests with plastic car model kits rewards, ask questions and add polls to your story. These are great ways to engage your audience.

Ø  Update the Signage

A refresh to your exterior signage with eye-catching graphics works in your favor. It is crucial to upgrade the board from time to time. This is simply because it might stop being relevant as your business expands. Make it enticing with fun colors and fonts. Add vital information like operational hours, pricing and service details. Talk about gifts like plastic model truck kits for every referral. These can interest people to check out your facility.

Ø  An Attractive Office

Offer snacks and beverages. Add free Wi-Fi. Create a relaxing waiting area. Be mindful of the décor. Give your customers fun activities like plastic car model kits to keep them busy while their vehicle is being washed. Play car-related videos on television. Impressing existing clients with excellent service is a good way to spread positive words. Don’t forget to share a feedback form with your visitors to help improve.

Offer accessories and pre-built plastic model cars for sale. Revise your operational hours. Take negative reviews seriously and act on them. You are most likely to see more foot traffic into your facility in a while.