Rarest Dog Breeds On Earth You Don’t Know!

Tibetan Mastiff

Lately we’ve been paying a lot of attention to our feline friends but what about our little canine friends? As everybody knows, dog is man’s best friend. Besides being adorable and friendly they are also known for being loyal and protective. However, dogs have different personal traits depending on their breed. Therefore, as expected, there…

In Japan Your Wedding Witness Can Be An Alpaca

Alpacas To Attend Your Wedding

Here comes a random question, dear lazy penguins: Do you know what an alpaca is ? It is a South American camelid (similar to a llama). We all know by now that wedding is a sacred ceremony taking place in various cultures around the world. Usually they are very excessively expensive with many people attending…

The Top 10 Funniest Cat GIFs

Our feline friends strike once again. This time with a selection of the top 10 funniest cat gifs on the internet. We can all agree that cats are adorable but many times they’re also clumsy, silly or plain funny. Luckily for us, many such moments have been captured by proud owners and shared with us….

Todd the Fox Rescued & Raised By Humans Thinks He is A Dog

Rescued Fox Raised By Humans Thinks He’s A Dog

A fox (named Todd) was raised  and rescued by lovable human beings when it was only a fox cub. Todd (now 11 months old) is living the happy life of a family pet (in our case of a dog) with his owner Emma D’Sylva. The fox (Todd) gets on very well with the owner’s two Labrador…

The World’s Only Black-Cat Cafe

Nekobiyaka Cafe in Nekobiyaka, Japan

This post, dear lazy penguins goes to our best friends, The Cats. Around the world there are thousands of cafes, in Japan though there is a café that is devoted only to “black cats”. The café’s name is Nekobiyaka and is located in the castle-town of Himeji. It is indeed the first café for black…

Cats In Aristocratic Classical Portraits | The Hermitage Court Cats

The Hermitage Court Chamber Herald Cat

Have you ever wondered what cats would look like in aristocratic attire drawn as classical portraits? Well, today you’ll find out! This is what you didn’t know you needed to see. The artist’s name is Eldar Zakirov. He’s a young designer and illustrator from Tashkent who among other paintings has a a series of cat…

Amazing Surreal Illustrations Of Animals By Jay Fleck

There Was Fire In Its Eyes

Today we present amazing pieces of art mostly centered around animals drawn by Jay Fleck. He is a talented designer and illustrator from Illinois who has created several prints of animals in adorable and, most times, weird concepts. Most of his prints are sold in the form of products such as curtains, clothes, rugs and more….

Photographer’s Playful Dog Loves To Hide | Can You Find Momo?

Find Momo!

Can you find Momo!? Momo is a border collie that loves to play hide and seek, so it’s our job to search and find him. Go Find Momo is a series of books created by Andrew Knapp. He has collected a great number of photos from different scenic places around the world, with Momo hiding in…

Adorable Animal Themed Ceramic Pots For Your Favorite Plants

Fox Ceramic Pot

Priscilla Ramos is a very talented sculptor based in Sao Paolo – her talented hands are the ones that shape birds, anteaters, whales, hypos and capybaras, creations that can fill your “lazy” home or office with adorable unique ambient. Every single piece is made by hand and each of the ceramic is employed by the…

Sweaters for Penguins by Skeinz

Sweaters for Penguins

This post fellow Lazy Penguins goes to our kind – the Penguins. One yarn store from New Zealand with the name Skeinz came on the scene with the brilliant idea to knit sweaters for the penguins that were recently affected by the “oil spill off” the coast of New Zealand. The idea is perfect since…