What Is Microsoft 70-767 and Why Do You Need Exam Dumps? Top 5 Preparation Tips That Will Guarantee Your Success

Microsoft 70-767 is a certification exam that focuses on SQL Server 2016/2017/2019 technology. Passing this test demonstrates your skills and competence in implementing a data warehouse with the use of SQL. The candidates for this exam are the data warehouse and ETL (Extract, Transform, & Load) developers. These professionals develop Business Intelligence solutions and their job roles entail data cleansing as well as data warehouse and ETL implementation.

Microsoft 70-767 is part of a series of exams that lead to the award of the MCSA and MCSE credentials:

  • MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development;
  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytics.

To take this certification exam, you must be adequately prepared by studying the full scope of the content highlighted on the officialwebpage. The applicants also need to pay the fee of $165 and schedule Microsoft 70-767 Practice Test with Pearson VUE.

Overview of skills measured in Microsoft 70-767 exam

Microsoft 70-767 evaluates specific technical skills, and the candidates have to demonstrate their competence in certain areas in order to achieve success in this test. The skill areas that will be evaluated are specified below.

First of all, it should be mentioned that you will be evaluated based on your capacity to design, maintain, and implement a data warehouse. This topic covers 35-40% of the exam content and entails a wide range of technical skills that should be developed. You should have competence in the design and implementation of dimension tables,fact tables, indexes for data warehouse workload,partitioned tables & views, and design storage for a data warehouse.

Another skill that will be measured in this certification exam has to do with data ETL. It covers the highest percentage of the content(40-45%). The students will be tested based on their capacity to design and implement ETL (Extract, Transform, & Load) control flow with the use of a SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) package. The domain also covers the implementation of an ETL solution that sustains the augmentation of data extraction, configuration and deployment of SSIS projects and packages, and debugging SSIS packages.

Microsoft 70-767 also evaluates the individuals’ ability to develop data quality solutions. This section makes up 15-20% of the exam content and covers different areas. These include one’s skills in creating a knowledge base, maintaining data quality using DQS, managing data using Master Data Services, and implementing a MDS model.

These are the three broad areas that this Microsoft exam evaluates. It is recommended that you go through the official website to be able to review the complete list of subsections of this certification test before taking it. Although there are three primary subjects to be measured, the subtopics are wide, which means that you need adequate preparation to develop competence in the skill areas of Certbolt Microsoft 70-767.Therefore, we will share some helpful tips and tricks that will help you prepare for your exam and ultimately achieve the desired success.

Top 5 tips to prepare for Microsoft 70-767 exam

With adequate preparation, your success is guaranteed in Microsoft 70-767. In this section, we’ll share some techniques that you can use for your preparation to ensure that you have effective training process that can help you succeeding this exam.

Tip 1: Don’t leave any stone un-turned

Don’t underestimate any topic of Microsoft 70-767. Sometimes, the candidates make the mistake of focusing on the objectives with the highest percentage and just breeze through the low-percentage subjects. This can be a grave mistake because the difference between your passing and failing the test might just be a few points. If you take time to go over all the topic areas in detail, irrespective of their supposed importance, you will be able to answer any question and ultimately boost your score. So, don’t leave any domain. Study all the objectives with the same dedication and give equal importance.

Tip 2: Use a preparation method that works best for you

How best do you study? Do you prefer reading books or would you rather attend a training course? Are you an audio-visual learner who prefers videos as a method of studying? You should use the preparation path that works best for you. The great part is that there are different options that fit into any learning style. There are instructor-led training courses delivered by the certified experts, virtual training, video tutorials, and book resources that you can explore. You should stick with what works best for you and not what works for others.

Tip 3: Prepare like you are taking a difficult exam

There is no exam that is easy or difficult. It all depends on your level of preparation. When you study hard, you have a high chance of finding the test simple, and when you don’t study as much, you may find it difficult. So, instead of taking chances, study hard and prepare like you are about to take the most difficult exam ever. Use available resources and cover all the basics. You are definitely going to find Microsoft 70-767 easier with adequate preparation.

Tip 4: Treat practice tests like your success depends on them

Well, your success can actually depend on how well you treat practice tests while preparing for Microsoft 70-767. For every topic you study, go for practice questions and answers to evaluate how well you understood the subject. At the end of your learning, take a full‑length mock test and be ready to get the highest score.

Exam-labs offers the whole bundle with different study materials that allow you to gain the required knowledge and then evaluate the level of preparedness in a simulated exam environment. You can review your answers and the correct variants at the end of practice tests. Thus, you will be able to easily identify your weak areas and work towards perfecting them.

Tip 5: Don’t leave any question unanswered

On the exam day, make sure you answer all the questions. You won’t be penalized for the incorrect variants, so make the best use of the elimination method if you don’t know the right answer. Don’t fret about the test, just relax and answer every question to the best of your ability.


You should follow these five tips if you want to get the best result at your first attempt. Remember that you have to take Microsoft 70-767 before it retires. By January 31, 2021, Microsoft will withdraw this test and some others. This means that you will no longer be able to pass it. So, if your dream certification depends on passing this exam, it is recommended that you sit for it as soon as possible.