Differences Between Personal and Car Loans

Many people take loans to cover certain expenses in order not to save up for a long time. There are actually many different kinds of loans and they can be confusing at times. Personal loans are the most common, yet there is a separate car loan for buying a vehicle. Before taking a quick loan at Payday Depot, it is important to learn about the specifics of the most popular loans available for everyone.

Personal Loans

A personal loan is a certain amount of money that can be received from a bank or other institution. This one can be used for an array of purposes, including holidays, weddings, home renovations, covering debts, and more. This type of loan can be both unsecured and secured. The majority of borrowers prefer unsecured loans, which means that they do not offer any of their possessions to be taken in case of failing to repay the loan. Because unsecured loans mean that the lender has no guarantees of getting all the money and interest back, it is important to have a good credit history. The better your credit history is, the easier it will be to receive a loan and request a higher amount of money.

Personal loans have their key advantages:

  • Little to no restrictions on spending the funds however you want;
  • Flexible repayment terms that offer short and long periods.

Overall, this is the most common and popular type of loan, as it is very versatile.

Car Loans

As the name suggests, this kind of loan is used to pay for vehicles. As opposed to a personal loan, this one is always secured. Secured loans use certain valuable things as collateral. In this scenario, the car itself secures the loan, as the lender has the right to take it from the owner for covering the unpaid debt in case the terms and conditions are not met. It is necessary to pay out the loan in fixed sums every month over the repayment period.

As for the benefits, there are a few advantages of taking such a loan:

  • The interest rate is usually lower than with other loans as this one is secured;
  • There is no need to have a perfect credit history. It is easier to receive a car loan than a personal one;
  • Car loans can be received quickly without waiting for a long time.

However, there are some possible drawbacks as well. For example, the borrower is not considered a rightful owner of the car until the whole debt is paid off. In addition, an initial deposit is usually needed for the loan to be secured.


Both types of loans have their pros and cons. Personal and car loans offer flexible repayment periods. However, the longer the term, the higher your interest rate will be. When settling on a repayment period, take into consideration the amount of your monthly installments and the interest rate. Some loans have penalties for repaying the loan sooner, so make sure to check that out and repay the loan systematically.