Discover Some Lesser Known Facts About Your Favorite Celebrities

We all have our favorite celebrities from music, sports, film, TV, etc., but some of them are multitalented beyond what we know them for. And some of their talents aren’t always obvious! From famous musicians who also dabble in the arts to actors who are also epic bakers, come discover with us the hidden talents and lesser known facts about our favorite celebrities from all areas of fame.

Did you know that musician and songwriter Imani Coppola is also a talented artist? You may also be surprised to learn that Bruce Dickinson holds a pilot’s license and “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik is also a neuroscientist.

Love playing cards? You are in good company with the likes of Hollywood actors Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, swimmer Michael Phelps, and actresses Jennifer Tilly and Shannon Elizabeth, who all make regular visits to the table.

Even more impressive, TV presenter Victoria Coren Mitchell won the European Poker Tour in 2006 and she made history by becoming the first two-time winner of one of poker’s most prestigious tournaments. After her double win, which placed her in the all-time top 10 of female poker players, Victoria said she hoped to inspire more people to play poker. Inspired by the likes of Victoria? Visiting a casino for the first time? It may be helpful to familiarize yourself with typical phrases like rolling the bones so that you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

One of our favorite facts about Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling is that he loves to knit, but he isn’t the only celebrity who enjoys a bit of purling. The likes of “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks, Amanda Seyfried, and Dakota Fanning have all been known to get handy with some knitting needles.

Need to chill out? Yoga may well be the answer! It certainly is for British actress Emma Watson who is qualified to teach yoga. Other fans of yoga include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Justin Timberlake.

You know him as a leading man in the movies, but did you know that Antonio Banderas’ main hobby is fashion design? He recently enrolled at the prestigious art school Central Saint Martins in London to study Fashion Design. Like Antonio, singer/songwriter Imani Coppola is also fast forging a reputation for being a talented artist and has been exhibiting her work in the city of New York.

Roll up, roll up! Many of our celebrity friends have developed some unusual circus skills as well. For example, Bond actor Pierce Brosnan can eat fire (please don’t try this at home!), American actress Kristen Stewart juggles exceptionally well, and Carolyn Hennesy of “Cougar Town” often takes trapeze lessons.

As you can see, this wide range of celebrity skills just goes to show you that you don’t have to be defined by what you do right now and there is always room to change and grow. It’s never too late to try something new and develop a new hobby or life skill. Whether you do it for fun, education, or to change your life, get inspired and try something new today!