Why Chartering a Private Jet is Easier Now Than Ever Before

Did you know that chartering a private jet these days is pretty straightforward? Once used solely by celebrities and the super-rich, private jet charters have changed significantly in recent years.

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With the addition of new, smaller airlines offering affordable private jet hire, along developments in technology, private jet charter is easier now than ever before.

How easy is it to book a private jet charter?

Thanks to the internet, it’s exceptionally easy to charter a private jet. It can be done either via a private operator directly, or you can book through a charter broker. The latter aims to find the most affordable prices to fit each passenger’s needs and also looks at thousands of private jets. So, using a company like Fly Victor, which compares more than 7000 private jets, can save you a lot of time and money.

You don’t even need to book well in advance either. It’s possible to charter a private jet with very little notice. The ability to book online is a major advantage and you can also typically manage your flight via an online account too.

A more affordable option than you might think

It’s not just the actual booking process which has made private jet charters easy to take advantage of. The reduced cost has also made it a more attainable option; particularly for business passengers and large groups of travellers.

It’s estimated that the cost of hiring a private jet has reduced by up to 20% in the past five years. There’s also been an increase in empty leg flights, which offer significantly lower prices. Now, if the cost of the charter is shared, or empty leg seats are taken advantage of, it doesn’t work out much more expensive to charter a jet than it does to fly commercial.

So, the fact it has become easier to find and book private jets online, as well as the reduced cost of chartering one, have both contributed to an increase in popularity. Booking through a broker in particular, has made it easier than ever before.

Overall, it’s never been easier to charter a private jet and it could be a lot more affordable than you might think. Experts predict private jet charters will become even more popular over the next five years; especially considering the amount of negative press commercial airlines have been receiving.