Expert Tips To Master The Art Of Walking Your Dog

If you’ve recently adopted a dog, you probably already know that you will need to take your pup for walks. But you might find it tricky to walk your dog if they don’t yet know how to behave on walks. Moreover, dog training can be pretty complex.

So we’ve rounded up some of the most helpful tips so that you can master the art of dog walking as a new pet parent.

Choose The Right Time

Routine is essential when training your dog. Whether you’re trying to house-train your dog to prevent indoor fouling or train your dog to behave well when walking, it’s crucial to create a routine.

You could decide to take your dog for a walk every morning after breakfast, in the afternoon when you have returned from work, or in the evening before bed. Whichever time is best, make a habit of taking your pet for a walk at the same time every day.

Don’t Let Your Dog Walk In Front Of You

Canines are pack animals, and the one leading the way is usually the alpha, who is in control of the entire pack. So letting your dog walk in front of you is not the best idea; your dog might assume the role of pack leader and ultimately take you for a walk. Instead, make a habit of leaving the house before your pet and controlling the leash to keep them beside you during the walk. This seemingly small show of dominance can also have your dog behaving better in general.

Use A Shorter Leash

Even though having the longest leash on the market might seem like the best idea, you don’t want to give your pet too much freedom while they are grasping the specifics of walking like a well-trained dog. A shorter leash makes it easier to control even the most energetic pup. There is also no risk of you and your pet getting tangled up when using a short leash.

Find A Comfortable Harness

It’s important that your dog is secure when learning to walk on a leash. Leashes and dog harnesses with handles make it impossible for your pet to run off out of curiosity and become lost. But even so, it’s important that your pup has a harness that fits comfortably. If the harness is too tight, it could injure your pet. At the same time, if the harness fits too loosely, your dog will be able to slip out.

Reward Your Dog

Positive reinforcement is one of the most practical ways to train a canine. With this, you can offer treats to reward your dog for walking beside you without putting any tension on the leash. You must also let your dog sniff around for a period of time as a reward for behaving well and for creating structure and routine within the walk.

Mastering the art of dog walking is a lot more straightforward than most first-time pet parents might assume. By reinforcing positive behavior, walking beside your dog, using a shorter leash, and creating a routine, you can train even the most unruly and energetic pet to walk like a well-trained dog.