Getting Crafty? Home Workshop Ideas for DIY Enthusiasts

There are a host of benefits for honing your DIY skills. Though, you can be forgiven for feeling bereft of home workshop ideas and may feel that your creative spark is dimming. We’re here to deliver some home workshop ideas, as well as the pros of DIY so that you can resurrect your crafty side.

The pros of DIY

Generally, DIY costs far less money, and it’s not just because of the savings on the cost of labour. When you’re well informed of how to do things yourself, you have a better understanding of the ins and outs of what makes certain services so costly. Once you have this understanding, you’re able to decide what is important to you, allowing you to save money whilst also receiving something that you know will serve your needs well. For the majority of home renovation projects, the major expense is the appliances you choose to use, and the difference between high-end and ultra-high-end can be thousands of pounds.

If you’re well informed, it may be that you’re safe in the knowledge that the lower-priced option will serve you just as well, allowing you take on your craft project at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, learning something new is not only fun but also fulfilling and completing a DIY project is an unrivalled feeling of satiety.

Tool chests and trolleys

If you’re a big DIY enthusiast, you can bet your bottom dollar that a tool chest or trolley will prove to be a smart investment. These are great for the garage or workshop, with features such as fully lined drawers and push-to-open cabinets serving to not only protect your tools but also keep them organised for maximum productivity. Plus, the majority of tool chests are lockable and have wheels for heightened security and mobility.

Tool bags

As purposeful as tool chests and trolleys are, they’re not always as practical as tool bags can be. The latter remain study whilst also serving as a lightweight home for your various DIY tools. They’re made from durable materials and are easy to load with numerous compartments. Tool bags also often feature moulded rubber bases to enhance protection – definitely needed to keep your tools safe from the elements.

DIY to house your DIY tools

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, use your passion to make life easier for yourself. If you’re looking for space to house your tools, it’s time to utilise every single centimetre of your home. Where space is something of a premium, built-in storage can be a lifesaver. With this in mind, build around the bed! Bedroom storage needs to fit a mismatch of objects in, so opt for a mix of shelves, wardrobes and drawers to house your clothes and miscellaneous items.

Utilise your attic space

You can also get creative with the look of built-in loft storage. Take basic shelving units and pair them with reclaimed cupboard doors for a unique but practical look. Floor to ceiling loft storage is another excellent option; when you are able to use the full height of the room. Opt for the tallest wall for floor to ceiling storage. Instaloft can allow you to gain up to 50% more floor space in your home, transforming your loft in just a day. You can go from a DIY damp squib to master in less than 24-hours!