Rainy Days | Here are Some Ideas to Stay Entertained

Not all of us are lucky enough to afford a summer break, and if you are living in the UK and looking out of your window this very moment then there is not a lot of ‘Summer’ about.

At the time of writing it’s early August and the skies have yet, once again opened up, and we are promised by our weather experts that we can expect more of the same into the weekend.

This on/off relationship we have with our weather can be very tiring, and not only is it tiring, it’s also frustrating when you have peak weeks off only to find your days are spent watching the sky to see if it will brighten up.

If you are a brave soul you might try bundling yourself up and braving our storms to enjoy the outdoors for a time, after all rain can on soak you – right?

For some that is fine, personally I like to walk at a leisurely pace with an ice-cream dripping, so when I l knew it was going to be yet another lousy day I vowed to make it a good (lousy) day.

Below are a few of the things I tried and thought they were pretty good ideas.

  • Firstly, catch up on some sleep. Our lives can be a little too fast at times, turning over in bed whilst being off work is not such a bad thing, you can even open the widows to listen to the rain if you wanted.
  • Pamper yourself. We all get pamper items for Christmas and birthdays that quite often go unused. Now is a great time to take them out and give yourself some soothing treatments.  Put on some of your favourite music whilst doing this. Turning off the TV can be relaxing in itself.
  • For those that feel cooped a home workout can be great therapy. You can pull up videos off YouTube on just about any exercise you want.
  • Get creative. Try starting a blog on your favourite topic. This can be great for those that do a lot of serious writing at work. If you are into scary stories or have a passion on a certain subject, begin there.
  • Gamble online!… You can claim some no deposit promotional offers at the high quality mobile casinos. This means that you don’t have to use any of your own hard-earned cash. If you do decide to make a deposit with a trusted mobile casino UK you will then be able to take advantage of some of the great deposit bonuses on offers, and you never know, it might just be your lucky day.
  • Settle down with a good book. Reading is a dying art but there really is no better way to enjoy an hour or two, immersed in a good book.
  • If you are not into reading then why not curl up and enjoy a good movie. It doesn’t have to be the latest block-buster, sometimes it’s just great to settle down with a good oldie.
  • Take the time to add to your music library. Listening to your favourite tracks can help the time fly by.
  • If you are into cooking this is the perfect opportunity to try out some new recopies, especially if you can try them out on a significant ‘other.’