Importance of Sharing the Bed in a Couple Life

Did you know that couples share more energy by sleeping together rather than by having sex? This is what an article published by Psychology Today had to say. The article stated that when couples share their bed at night, even when they are not getting intimate, they exchange a powerful and wonderful energy, the impact of which can be seen in their daily lives and careers.

However, the reality can be quite different. As revealed by various studies conducted on married couples, many couples tend to stop going to bed at the same time after certain years of their marriage, since one person is busy working, web surfing, watching TV, or because one of the partner snores or because they are simply not interested in sleeping at that time. Over time, such behaviour can take a toll on the connection, intimacy and communication between the two, which impacts the level of closeness they share with each other. There are many other couples who initially have different sleeping and waking patterns, hence, prefer to sleep in different spaces.

Gulnaz Qayyum, The Founder of Guzel Dezayns, known for their high quality embroidered bedding sets, explained that beautiful double bedding sets, available in relaxing, neutral colours, can tempt couples to sleep together. According to a report published by the Sleep Council, sleeping together is a key aspect of relationships in the UK, across all age groups, with 78% of Britons preferring to share their bed with their spouse, and only 8% not sharing their bed with anyone. The report went on to state that 82% of couples who always share their bed with their spouse sleep very well, while 17% of those who sleep very poorly sleep alone.

Let us try to understand how sleeping together helps couples.

Benefits of Sharing a Bed with your Spouse

  1. Increases Frequency of Lovemaking: When the couple sleeps together, they are most likely to be drawn to each other physically too. This will lead to many more love making sessions that the couple would otherwise have. Having sex often strengthens the bonding and connection.
  2. Exposes your Partner to Your True Self: The bedroom is the only place where a person does not pretend. When we take off our makeup, outdoor clothes and even fake facial expressions, we strip down to our true selves. Good or bad, your partner will see this side of you when sharing the bed, which will lay the foundation of a true and honest relationship.
  3. Opportunities for Cuddling: When couples hug, kiss, and share physical touch, it increases the oxytocin levels in the body. As a result, their blood pressure declines and so does the risk of heart diseases. Cuddling makes people feel relaxed, happy, at ease, satisfied, appreciated and bonded with the person they are lying immensely close to.
  4. More Bedroom Talk: In today’s hectic times, there are couples who are so loaded with responsibilities that they do not get time to even say a single word to each other during the day. Sleeping together gives them the opportunity to talk and share their feelings and happenings of the day with their partner. Such conversations help them develop positive feelings for each other, which in turn builds trust.

Couples can do other things in bed as well, like having breakfast, watching a movie together, etc., which will strengthen their bond. The first step to having a good time in bed is to make the space inviting. This can be done with luxurious embroidered bedding sets, designer duvet covers and cushion covers to encourage a more romantic ambiance.