Top 4 Ways to Make the Most of a Finished Basement

Now that you’ve had the walls and floor of the basement treated and sealed, consider what you can do with the finished space. Instead of using it for storage, make it into something that will serve you and the family well every day. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

A Home Office

According to the website Canadian Business, up to 70% of millennials would prefer to work from home. Considering how the percentage of the workforce that is already telecommuting increases slightly every year, many of them will get their wish. Those fortunate enough to secure a position that allows them to work from home will need home offices. Without a doubt, finished basements in Brampton can meet that need.

Home Office

Converting the basement into a home office has several benefits. Since it’s on a different level from the rest of the house, there’s more a sense of being apart from whatever is going on upstairs. The space is quiet,making it an ideal environment to concentrate on tasks, attend video or web conferences without distractions, and in general have a great place to work. At the end of the day,walk up the stairs, close the door, and use it to draw a line between work time and home time.

A Family Room

Do you have a place where the family can gather that is more casual? The basement can be such a space. Consider the idea of installing a large screen television and investing in comfortable seating. Remember to include couple of easy chairs that can be set up as a conversation area, or serve as the ideal place to curl up with a good book while other family members watch a movie. Don’t forget to include a kitchenette that provides the ideal space for preparing quick meals, making snacks, and in general ensuring no one has to keep running upstairs while the everyone is lounging in the family room.


A Guest Suite

Would you like to provide weekend guests with a place they can feel perfectly comfortable without anyone having to share a bedroom? Consider converting that finished basement into a guest suite. All you need is adequate lighting, the right color scheme, and a private bath. Add in a comfortable bed and bedding plus closet space for your guests to stow their clothing and luggage, and you have the ideal solution.

A Game Room

How about a place where the kids can play video games and other family members can sit comfortably to play board or card games? There are all sorts of ways to make your Burlington finished basement into a perfect game room. A pool table can go at one end while the television and equipment for video games is at the other. Somewhere in between, set up two or three tables for those who love card or board games. No matter what sort of amusement family members are in the mood to enjoy, there will always be room. Best of all, the remainder of the house is not cluttered with game pieces, video equipment, and other things.

Have a family meeting and decide what to do with the basement. Once you have an idea that everyone likes, call a contractor and talk about what it will take to renovate the space. You may find that everything can be completed in a matter of weeks.