Cryptocurrencies Vs. Gold: How To Grow Your Portfolio

Cryptocurrency investors had better listen up – they’ve made a lot of money from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum over the last few months, but prices have been a wild ride of ups and downs. If you want to capitalize on the gains you made from Bitcoin, it’s time to diversify your portfolio. With the extreme rise in Bitcoin, you may have made a fortune investing in cryptocurrency, but many are now over-exposed. Overvaluation can leave your portfolio in danger of vanishing into thin air when prices decline.

For many cryptocurrency investors, the rise in Bitcoin has given them unprecedented wealth that they may not know what to do with. The impulse is to get out before the crash (which is partly what causes it), but where you put your money will have lasting consequences on your financial future.

The first option investors turn to when they’re worried about risk in their portfolio is precious metals. Gold is the defensive investment of choice that investors use to hedge against markets and protect their wealth against inflation and crises.

You can now buy gold and silver directly using Bitcoin from dealers like Silver Gold Bull online, saving you from paying fees or waiting to convert Bitcoin into cash and cash into gold. You don’t have to wait a day longer worrying about the volatility of Bitcoin – you can invest directly into gold and silver with Bitcoin and save on premium over spot. Given the ups and downs Bitcoin has experienced over the last year, dropping by thousands in only a matter of weeks, you should act quickly. If time is of the essence, you want to lock down your price and receive your gold sooner than later, so find a gold dealer with a large inventory who will have your order in stock and ready to ship or store already.

If you have never purchased gold before, don’t be surprised if the price you pay is slightly higher than the spot price, i.e., what gold is worth that day. Gold dealers charge a premium on top of spot and that premium can make a big impact on your ROI. Online gold dealers like Silver Gold Bull typically have lower premiums above spot and offer discounts on their premiums when you pay with money order or Bitcoin.

A defensive move in your portfolio doesn’t have to hurt your growth potential. With the growth potential of precious metals like silver, you can protect the wealth you’ve made with Bitcoin and still grow your portfolio. Silver’s volatility can be used to make quick returns by cashing in on high prices when investors get scared off from other markets. Silver is a unique precious metal in that it’s supply has been slowly decreasing for the last 15 years and demand, driven by unique industrial uses, doesn’t decrease when prices go up. One of the ways you can learn how to increase your wealth is by learning how to take advantage of silver volatility. It’s great for active investors and you can continue to see growth, making it an ideal place for anyone to invest part of their portfolio after they’ve seen growth thanks to cryptocurrencies.