Great Tech that Lets You Keep Tabs on Your Dogs

Technology is making every aspect of our lives easier, from how we order dinner to how we turn on the lights. It only makes sense that it is making it easier for us to do our jobs as pet owners. There are now gadgets that help you care for your pet and to keep track of him in case he gets lost.

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Here are some great tech pieces that you might not know about that can help you keep tabs on your dog:

Tracking Collar

Dogs like to roam. No matter how vigilant you are about walking your dog on a leash or closing the fence gate, you can’t prevent your dog from getting loose sometimes. Accidents happen, and dogs look for any opening to exploit. Once your dog gets out, he might find his way home, but he might not. How are you going to find him?

The easiest way to keep tabs on your dog is to put a tracking collar on him, like those offered by Garmin. The Garmin Astro 430 combo includes a collar with a tracking chip in it and a handheld device that lets you see your dog’s location at any time. You can even monitor the handheld unit while you are at work to make sure your escape artist hasn’t made a break for it and is roaming through the neighborhood.


If you’re worried about your dog’s tracking collar getting lost or falling off, you can also have him microchipped. A small chip is inserted under the dog’s skin. If the dog gets lost, animal control officers and vets will usually scan him to see if he has a microchip first. That chip will show information about who owns the dog, including an address and a phone number. The microchip won’t let you track your dog, but it will let others know where to return your dog.

Just make sure that you update your information regularly with the company that registers the microchip. Otherwise, the person who finds your dog will have outdated information and won’t be able to get in touch with you.

Two-Way Camera

Most new parents get a baby monitor to keep watch over their newborn even when they aren’t in the room. Pet owners can now take advantage of that same technology to keep an eye on their dogs while they are at work or away for a few hours.

A two-way audio and video camera gives you the best option for monitoring your dog. You’ll be able to see and hear your dog so you know if he is getting into the garbage, is whining from separation anxiety, or is in some kind of distress. You’ll also be able to talk to your dog or wave hello to him so that you can calm him from afar.

Doggie Fitbit

Maybe your dog doesn’t like to roam — and that’s actually the problem. Your dog would much rather lay down all day, and his health is starting to suffer for it. You can get him a doggy Fitbit so that you can keep track of how much activity he is getting throughout the day. If he’s not getting enough activity, you will know that you need to give him a longer walk when you get home in the evening or take him to the dog park on the weekend for a few hours.

Your dog’s health is important, and physical exercise is key to improving and maintaining health. Since you’re not there all day to watch your pet, you can use the doggy Fitbit to make sure you know how much he’s getting (or not).

There are so many more wonderful tech gadgets for your dog or for helping you to better care for your dog. You can use some of these gadgets to keep better tabs on your dog, or you can use some of the other gadgets to feed them on a schedule, groom them beautifully, or help them stay more social. (You’ll need that grooming help if you have an especially fluffy dog.) With the right tech on your side, you’ll feel like being a pet parent is a breeze, and you can pretend your living in the future that The Jetsons promised us. Flying cars coming soon!