How To Choose The Right Storage Unit For Your Move

Whether you’re moving or you want to store unneeded furniture, getting a storage unit is not as easy as it sounds.

Before renting a storage unit, you should first consider the reason why you need it. There are different sizes of storage units and choosing the wrong size could damage your belongings. That’s why it’s essential to choose the one that fits your needs.

Portable Storage Container

When moving from one place to another, you will need a portable storage container. Moving containers are considered the most efficient way to move your furniture. They are more efficient because it’s safer to move your belongings in it than using your car or renting a truck. A portable storage container is not only more reliable but also less expensive than most moving companies. You can simply call the portable container company few days before moving and ask them to drop it by your house, load up your furniture and belongings and once you’re done and ready to move, you can call them back to move it to the place you want.

Choosing The Right Size Of a Storage Unit

Before renting a storage unit that may possibly be too small for your belongings, you should follow these simple steps to guarantee that you get the perfect size for a storage container:

  • Pack everything you want to store in boxes and place them all together
  • Get a tape that can be easily removed without damaging your floor
  • If you’re willing to get a 5X5 or 5X10 container, then start marking the floor with the same measurements.
  • Start adding the boxes in the taped area.

If you can’t clearly see the tape on the floor, then you will need to redo these steps with bigger measurements until there’s space between the tape and the boxes. Common sizes of storage units are 5X5, 5X10, 10X10, 10X20, and 10X30.

Many people prefer portable containers when moving because you can load your belongings for as long as you want. And only you have the key to the unit placed outside your home. However, even with a portable storage container, the size will definitely matter. When choosing the size of the unit, it’s recommended to select a size bigger than what you think you want to avoid any losses.

Why Portable Containers?

Many people use portable storage units to store furniture that they don’t use anymore, or they don’t have enough space in their homes. However, you can still use the storage unit when you’re moving from one place to another. It’s safer and costs less than moving trucks. But the main reason why people prefer it than moving trucks is that Portable containers usually have a steel frame and weatherproof boxes that reduce the damage that could happen to your belongings while moving. And you don’t need to worry with leaving it outside for a long time. One of the best features that a portable container house is that you are the only one that has its key. So you can guarantee that everything you stored in there is safe.