How to Protect Your Digital Identity? Incognito is the Key

There is so much information we store on the internet, and a big part of it can be sensitive and super private. Articles like this, regularly remind internet users about necessary measures to take to prevent any leaks and data breaches. It may concern the passwords, or enabling multi-factor authentication. Luckily, people have mostly learned to set more or less strong passwords to their accounts instead of their birth date or just 123456-type of passwords. But there is this Incognito option that we usually forget about.

Is it really important? Can it help us to protect our digital activities? To be honest, it is not a silver bullet that guarantees absolute protection. That’s why you always need to take additional steps to make sure that only you have control over your browsing history, shopping, transactions, etc.

But think of Incognito as your invisibility cloak. When you activate Incognito mode, it creates a virtual barrier that shields your browsing history, cookies, and other digital footprints from being stored on your device. It’s like a blank page every time you open a new Incognito window – no traces left behind. Here, we separated several activities that would benefit from using the Incognito window, along with other methods of data protection.


Using the Incognito mode may not always be helpful when you are gambling, but in most cases, it can prevent your digital activities.

First, when can Incognito be meaningless? Generally speaking, this mode protects search history and related data. If a gambling website requires you to log into your account, using Incognito can be not as useful as it is supposed to be, because anyway, you give the website your credentials. However, there are good offers to consider if you prioritize privacy. Some progressive platforms have already introduced a safe way of gambling – incognito poker, and other types of games as well. This is a multilayer protection for the users since the gaming experience stays incognito from not only your, but also the company’s end, and in this case, you are not asked to provide personal data.

Whether you play Incognito games or the usual ones, your computer’s Incognito mode can serve as a guardian also against tracking. It is not a secret that many online casinos track users’ activities for advertising purposes. Incognito mode can help limit tracking by blocking the storage of cookies and other tracking mechanisms.

Online Shopping

Another activity where using Incognito mode can be beneficial is online shopping. It is not a secret that retailers and other companies may follow your activities throughout the website to understand your behavior and preferences. Some people label this as compromising their privacy because they don’t want to share what they searched, purchased, commented on, etc.

By activating Incognito mode while shopping online, you create a barrier that prevents websites from storing information about your browsing habits. Incognito mode helps maintain a level of anonymity and ensures that your shopping activities remain confidential.

Furthermore, this can be particularly useful when you’re researching sensitive or personal items. For example, if you’re looking for engagement rings or planning a surprise gift, using Incognito mode can prevent those searches from being visible to others who may share the same device or have access to your browsing history. It adds an extra layer of privacy and helps you keep your intentions private.

But to give a balanced suggestion, let’s also mention that often people also benefit from giving consent to use their online cookies because it helps them to receive personalized recommendations. For example, by identifying your gender, the system would not suggest items for the opposite gender’s library.


Lastly, banking and any financial activities on the internet, which has become so much popular amid the growth of online shopping preferences, online payment options, and so on. Incognito mode can be a useful method to avoid some risks.

What we already mentioned above about cookies, is equally true for this passage as well, so let’s move on to other advantages. You know that browsers allow users to save their bank card information and passwords in the system, not to fill them out every time. This makes digital life easy, but easy things are not necessarily good. If you use a shared device, the risk that someone else would have unauthorized access to your bank account, using this auto-fill function, can be high. Luckily, Incognito mode disables this option and prevents encountering cases when you accidentally save your data in a public computer, for example.

If it is your device, and you want to use the auto-fill function, at least make sure to enable the requirement of Touch ID or Face ID every time before granting access to the saved data.