iPhone Luxury Case: Tips on Сhoosing From Labodet Store

An iPhone case is an indicator of status even more than the phone itself. Putting a phone in a silicone case is not the best decision concerning both safety and style. On one hand, an iPhone is a sophisticated and beautiful device. On the other hand, it needs proper protection since it is not only its look but also functionality that matters a lot. And if you have to hide this beauty, it would be better to choose an elite case for this purpose. This is exactly what the Labodet store offers.

You’ll find an iPhone luxury case for any model. There are samples for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max and for iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max as well at the Labodet store. The best news is that every sample is perfect, and you can’t make a mistake choosing your case. But even if you order a case for a different iPhone model by mistake, the store will send a replacement product.

Buyers on review sites claim: replacement is carried out in 1-2 days. Delivery is possible to any country, but buyers from France are the most fortunate. They get their cases almost instantly as far as all the range is produced there, in France.

How to Choose a Case in the Labodet Store?

Use the search filters at Labodet Store to choose the best case option. They will simplify and speed up your searches several times. Choose the model of the iPhone you are using. Select the material (there are 8 variants of luxury leather products available on the site at the moment). Then, choose which case you like, if you already know your preferences, or just go through all the available options to decide which one is better or which one you like the best.

All cases are available in different colors, from navy blue to red. Metal structures can be steel, gold, or black. Exotic can be not only stylish and luxurious but also practical. Try it.

5 Reasons to Choose a Labodet Case

Labodet isn’t the only store with high-quality cases. But this is where you can expect an exclusive case that no one else will have. It may be similar but not exactly the same. The whole secret is in the production process itself.

  1. Labodet is a manufactory located in France. There is no conveyor production here. Each item presented in the assortment is unique.
  2. Products are made of genuine leather. Each sample has a unique texture, a pattern that cannot be repeated.
  3. You can customize the product. The case can be made according to individual requests. Have belt bindings, holders for cards and other accessories, or be simple and concise.
  4. The label on the case is made of expensive metal. This is not just a manufacturer’s mark but a full-fledged accessory, a piece of jewelry that you can be proud of.
  5. You can choose any color from the range or even buy several models to change them anytime you like.

Naturally, the manufacturer took care of the quality of products and reliable protection of your phone. The gadget is protected from scratches and chips when dropped, and soft sides will protect it even from breaking the glass of the screen — the most expensive, most fragile part of an iPhone. Since only natural materials are used, the phone doesn’t overheat in the summer. Accordingly, in winter, it is protected from hypothermia even when it’s used outdoors. As a result, the battery works perfectly, and the iPhone is always safe.

Stylish and reliable — these are all the cases in the assortment of the Labodet store. Have you already protected your iPhone?