Is CBD Oil Really Useful to Dogs?

For a while now, there has been an endless debate on whether cannabis oil, also known as Cannabidiol (CBD), is good for dogs. Some dog owners have claimed they can attest to the effects of CBD on their dogs, that it is helpful for a couple of medical conditions. Others complain that CBD originates from marijuana plants and as such condemn it. Also, with the recent legalization of marijuana in certain states, there is also an increased worry on the possibility of dogs overdosing on marijuana and getting “high”. A dog that gets high can become extremely violent and restless and thereby cause damage to lives and property of the owners and neighbors.

Even though this is a genuine concern, it is only pertinent to let people know that it is not all CBD Oils that produce the “high” that comes with marijuana products. There are also CBD oil for dogs that do not cause pets to get “high”. This in turn helped to dose the concerns of those who agitate that its adverse effects are on the high side.

If you are wondering whether CBD is good for your dog, then you will find this article really informative.

So What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD), or CBD Oil simply put, is a derivative of the cannabis plant. There are many ways the oil is extracted from the plant; some of these methods extract the whole THC content from the plant. THC is the agent that brings the ‘high’ in marijuana. So essentially, CBD Oil is devoid of THC in most cases and can scarcely cause your dog to feel high.

In making the CBD oil, the targeted part of the cannabis is the flower which contains the trichomes that contains essential oils. Marijuana alone has up to 80 possible cannabinoids which can include either CBD or THC. The part that has medicinal properties is the CBD while the THC is the part that brings the high.

CBD oil is safe for your dog if only you can ensure that the CBD has little or no THC in the mix. If you are buying CBD, you can check whether it contains THC or not. As long as there is no THC, your dog is not going to get high, no matter the dosage of the oil applied.

Dogs (particularly the older ones) experience anxiety and pains at certain points in their life. Some even suffer from arthritis and other health conditions that come with old age. While there are common medications that can be used for this, they mostly are effective only for a while, after which they lose their effectiveness. It is at this point that dog owners find the CBD oil an alternative.

CBD Oil’s potency in reducing anxiety in many pets, including thunder phobia and separation anxiety has been attested to by many pet owners. The only issue dog owners have with the oil is that most pet owners are too scared to find out if there are any benefits associated with the use of CBD oil and as a result of the fear and what rumours have told them refused to try these oils for their dogs. CBD oil has proved to be helpful in fighting off inflammation in pets, making it a soothing agent for pets who might be suffering from arthritis. 

Should you use CBD Oil for your dog?

When the chips are down, what matters is getting your dog to become healthy. The idea of your pet getting high on marijuana may be scary but that has been ruled out if you use the CBD oil that has low or no THC content. You only have to worry if your dog is taking in high levels of THC which can cause misbehavior. As a pet owner, you have to overcome the mindset that marijuana is bad for your dog. If your dog is finding it hard to enjoy life because of health issues, you might need to try the CBD oil, especially if other drugs are not working

Most pet owners have had to overcome the misconception about CBD Oil. Many of them, after reluctantly trying it, have found out that it is useful and beneficial as they had thought.  Agreeably, there are CBD oils with high THC content, but those are not really manufactured for pets. Pet owners think all manufacturers make CBD oils the same way, but that’s not true. The oils are manufactured for different purposes and the manufacturers are careful to ensure that the ones for pets do not have THC.

CBD oil has a lot of health benefits for your dog and the risks are very minimal, if there are any at all. With that in mind, it is safe to say that CBD oil is really useful for your dog and you should try it. However, you should consult a veterinarian before you go ahead. Your vet may have reasons why you should not use it for your dog. Also, you may be given some help on how to safely administer CBD oil.