Men: Avoid The Panic Of Choosing Suitable Attire For A Home First Date

The psychological mind games of a first date can create a mixed emotional cocktail. Introduce the dimension of having this date at the lady’s home, instead of a restaurant, then chances of a mild computation seizure become a possible reality. This may, in turn, increase irrationality as you start to rummage through your wardrobe wondering what to wear.

Panic aside, it’s actually a very good sign that the invite is at her home instead of a restaurant. Enjoying a home-cooked dinner gives a certain intimacy to the occasion that is sometimes hard to create when having to dine out.

With that said, knowing what to wear for this momentous occasion could be the focus you need. Clothing is your way of making a statement of both personal style and appreciation. While it may seem like casual comfy clothing such as of jogging shorts or baggy jeans, is the way to go, keep in mind that you only have one chance to make a lasting first impression.

The right suggestions can make your wardrobe choice that much easier and help you to formulate your own dress to impress with ease.


First impressions matter

It’s quite a big thing if she agrees to have the first date at her home, as you will be entering her intimate sphere. Bringing someone into your personal space is daunting, especially for women. Never underestimate the amount of trust that is being granted to you on such a first date.

However, that being said, many women find it easier and practical to have someone over as it eliminates the need to commute, especially when leading a busy life. Appreciate the fact for what it is, and not what you hope it might be. Keep in mind, home-date etiquette is not too dissimilar to what you would apply when visiting any new friend’s home. Peeping into her bedroom is a big no-no, and so is opening her fridge and having a rummage through it.

With that said, it’s important to know how to dress so all possible scenarios are catered for. Understand and appreciate your body, by putting on clothing that can easily adapt, such as if the abode is too cold or too hot and you either freeze or sweat profusely. It’s worth noting that colour will play a crucial role, and it all begins with knowing what reaction certain colours are likely to conjure.

The colour graph

Have you ever noticed how colours influence people? This is because colours and personality can be symbiotic.  When we are in a situation and something either terrible or great happens, there are always colours accompanying it. We then internalize these colours and every time we see that specific colour it creates a certain reaction.

Understanding how to apply this knowledge to your choice of attire will be a determining factor as to whether your first impression makes an appreciated impact. Red, for example, is known as the colour of love, but few know it also resembles war, danger and power. Ladies tend to wear red dresses to first dates and boy do they make an impression on men.

If, however,  you want to make the lady feel safe around you, which is great, you may want to consider wearing green, light or royal blue and brown. These colours have a strong emotional connection conjuring feelings of safety. To err on the side of caution, it’s best to incorporate them into items that have colours which appear as compatible opposites on the colour wheel. So no brown chinos with a dark blue shirt. Instead brown marries well with orange to create an earthy and approachable look.

Source: Unsplash

Know your body shape

Men have five common geometric shapes that are reflective of the type of clothing that will accentuate their best features. In order to dress to impress you need to know exactly what your body shape is.

Inverted triangular –  Is a body shape where the shoulders tend to be broad in relation to the waist and hip. This shape is often associated with bodybuilders. Clothing needs to be chosen that lifts the somewhat drooping shoulders of this body type, but bring the waistline into full focus, so tailored items are a smart choice.

Oval – This is where the stomach area tends to be larger and wider than the rest of the body. It’s the infamous stout frame. Detracting from the often unflattering stomach area is achieved through wearing tailored clothing. Trousers need to have plenty of room without adding unwanted largeness and belts should generally be avoided as they tend to act as a constrictor which puts the hidden flaws on display.

Rectangular – Known as the tall and thin frame, where everything is roughly in the same proportion. However, this frame is not always associated with lanky and willowy. To get more structure, it’s advisable to opt for clothing that highlight the shoulders and horizontal stripes do wonders to creating the illusion of body girth. Best to avoid overly skin hugging trousers that deflate the look of your rear.

Trapezium/Trapezoid – Considered the fashion mannequin shape as the shoulders are ever so slightly broader than the waist. This type of shape is often used by many designers. With that said, top items like t-shirts should be tailored to bring out the toned and athletic nature of this body.

Triangular – Just like it’s geometric counterpart the shoulders are significantly convex, making the waist and hip area more prominent, as they are larger. Usually, the thighs tend to be larger too. The trick with this body shape is to square out the slope in the shoulders and vertical lines to improve the disproportion created by the waist area.

Perhaps now is the time to take out your measuring tape, so you can identify your body shape. This way you will be able to make informed wardrobe choices that will enhance your confidence, not only for this pending situation but the future in general.

Look good, feel good

Confidence starts with how you feel about what you are wearing. Lack of it is not hard to identify in an intimate setting. You may opt for a formal attire or a casual one – regardless, it needs to be on point.

Remember, it’s all about you feeling good and confident so the date will go as planned, perhaps leaving room for a repeat. Don’t skimp on the footwear either, as you will be critiqued on your outfit as a whole.  Do the basic check by making sure your shoes are clean, fit perfectly, and don’t have any holes in them.

Knowing how to dress is imperative for males and females alike, as clothes are an expression of your personal nature, and aspirations.