More from Mario Lopez… His Upcoming Appearance at The Ultimate Women’s Expo!

The attendees of this year’s Ultimate Women’s Expo in Orange County are in for a real treat. There are so many reasons to go! Shopping, networking, and relaxing in a convention center full of like-minded women are just some of the reasons. But one of the most exciting things about the Expo this year is the keynote speakers. Historically, they offer words of wisdom, encouragement, and interesting points of view on current topics in the world of women. This year, we are hoping to hear the male perspective on things. Mario Lopez will be gracing the Mobile Styles stage and giving us a piece of his mind as one of the keynote speakers. You may be thinking, “With everything happening in today’s society, what will Mario Lopez talk about?” What does he have to say about the latest in fashion, trends, and equal rights? That my friend is the question for the ages. We are all wondering what uplifting message he has in store for us. But whatever it is, we are sure it will be good!

Mario never ceases to amaze us, entertain us, and keep us informed on the latest celeb news. From his famous role as A.C. Slater in the hit show “Saved by the Bell” to being an Emmy-Award winning host on the TV show “Extra” to his radio show “On with Mario Lopez”, this man stays busy. But not too busy to hang out with his family and encourage children. We see just how passionate Mario Lopez is about reaching the youth and their families in his latest projects. He spends a lot of time bringing awareness to the issues that affect young people today. He also emphasizes the importance of not just a healthy mind but a healthy body with his best–selling books Extra Lean and Extra Lean Family. But his talents do not stop there. Throughout his career, we have noticed that Mario has always had an opinion. We have seen it on shows like “The Other Half” (the male version of “The View”), and as the host of competition shows like “America’s Best Dance Crew.” With so much under his belt, we can only imagine what little nuggets of information he has in store for the women attending the expo.

The Ultimate Women’s Expo is a chance for you to connect with some of the most uplifting women in the area. People come from near and far to experience the ultimate lady’s day out. And with Mario Lopez as one of the keynote speakers, we can only expect to see one of the most enlightening and amazing events thus far. So, I just have a few questions for you. Are you squirming on the edge of your seat wondering how you can get in on this huge event? Are you in need of some “me time?” Do you secretly really want to hear what Mario has to say? Yes? Perfect! You can still grab tickets for the event. It takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center on April 14-15. We hope to see you there!

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