If your house is small, here are some ideas to take advantage of the space as much as possible

The distribution or lack of storage can increase the feeling of narrowness of any place. Making the most of natural light, choosing folding furniture and storage systems that occupy all the height are some tricks to get open spaces that improve our quality of life. Find out more below

1. Mini kitchen for great chefs

In the space normally occupied by a wardrobe, you can have everything you need for a person to cook. In this case it is a kitchen inside a cabinet with a shutter that, when not in use, is completely hidden. The table to eat is an essential element; do not give up on it. In this case it has also been located so that it can be used as an island when necessary.

2. Take advantage of any gap

No matter how small it is, a house always hides corners and unused spaces, like that hole that is behind a partition or load wall, or the triangular space left by a sloping roof . Choosing bespoke furniture is the perfect option in these cases, sometimes even the only one. It’s not usually cheap, but in the long run you’ll be glad you invested in it.

3. Compact furniture

They are the best option for mini kitchens. If you extend the upper cupboards to the ceiling, you will gain at least 30 cm of additional storage space. They may be expensive and if you are short of money to buy, short term loans can be a good solution.

  1. A desk on the wallSee what an ingenious way to work or study without taking up too much space. A drop-down board like this is, in addition, something very easy to install if you’re a handyman.5. Textiles in the bedroom, always in soft colors

    As for decoration and textiles, it avoids strong tonalities. Opt for soft tones, such as white. This will give luminosity to the bedroom and, consequently, a greater sense of spaciousness.

  1. Smart stairs What better way to save space than taking advantage of the gap provided by the stairs?
  1. A sliding table Some kitchens incorporate sliding tables with which an additional space is obtained for, for example, ironing. Something like this can also be used for lunch or desktop, as we see in this image. When not needed, the table can be easily removed, clearing the environment.
  1. Do not give up on appliancesIf you live in a small house but have certain particular features, old or industrial style, invest in retro appliances or with a striking aesthetic that make the space more attractive. They occupy the same as standard ones. Do not let the lack of space impoverish the aesthetics of your home.9. Removable drawers

    Opt for storage modules that make it easier to have countertops open, where you can store objects that you do not want to have in sight, such as toiletries in the bathroom. Installed in the kitchen, they will serve you as a pantry.

    10. Well-used corners

    The corner furniture is a great bet. These original storage solutions allow you to take advantage of a space that otherwise would be empty. They are especially useful for storing kitchen utensils.