Most Popular Dog Breeds in Recent Years

Many people around the world love dogs. They are loyal, protective, affectionate and friendly. There are hundreds of different dog breeds all over the world. Some of them are supremely popular. As such, they are considered classics. In addition to that, there are some dog breeds which are beloved simply due to popular culture. Here are the most beloved dog breeds this year.

1. The Boxer

With a rich history as a fighting dog, the Boxer has grown to become a playful and gentle dog. Its aggressive

instincts are long gone. When properly trained, the Boxer gets along wonderfully with kids. He is also loving and protective.

2. The Yorkshire Terrier

Known affectionately as the Yorkie, this is a small designer dog. Featuring a furry coat, it is a fun loving dog that can also be quite the watchdog. The Yorkie is small in size. Hence, it is often described as a purse dog.

3. The Golden Retriever

With a big heart and an eager-to-please attitude, the Golden Retriever is the ultimate family dog. He is beautiful and loyal. The Golden Retriever is also very intelligent. Always happy to help, he can be trained as a service dog or seeing-eye guide dog.

4. The Rottweiler

Protection and loyalty rank very high in this dog’s demeanor. Large and in charge, the Rottweiler is a gentle giant that enjoys family time. It is important to train and socialize this breed when young. Its history of violence and aggression is gone. To keep your Rottweiler strong and healthy, it is necessary to feed him well. There are animal nutrition brands that have developed protein-rich dog food for sale in 2019. Seeing as the Rottweiler is a muscular breed, he requires ample servings of this type of food regularly.

5. The Poodle

Long associated with royalty and elegance, the Poodle is still hugely popular today. You can get one in toy, miniature or standard size. Poodles are fun and loyal. They can even be trained to do tricks and entertain the family!

6. German Shepherd

Known for his high level of loyalty, intelligence and tenacity, the German Shepherd dog is one of the favorite breeds today. He can be quite serious and diligent while maintaining a goofy side. Due to these characteristics, the German Shepherd is often chosen as a companion or family dog.

7. French Bulldog

Playful, adorable and loyal are some of the words that you can use to describe the French Bulldog. Featuring cute wrinkles and large ears, they make for excellent family dogs. Despite being small, the French Bulldog is not delicate.

8.  The Bulldog

Stately and sophisticated, the Bulldog is a fighting dog that has been developed into a charming companion. He has a stocky body and a strong build. The Bulldog is tough and can protect you if need be. This makes him well loved and admired.

9. Beagle

For many decades, the Beagle is a hound well loved by families. He is great with children and can bay out an entire conversation! This dog can be small or medium in size. Despite his diminutive stature, the Beagle can keep up with the kids or even other dogs!

10. The Labrador Retriever

For many decades, this has been the most popular dog breed around the world. The Labrador Retriever is energetic, hard-working, loyal, gentle and fun. He is intelligent and can be trained to be a service dog. Seeing as he is affectionate, the Labrador Retriever makes for an excellent family dog too.


Dogs are members of many families today. They protect us and can be awesome playmates. The breeds indicated above are the most popular ones today. They exemplify what it means to be man’s best friend!