Word to the wise — 5 fulfilling writing roles

Writing divides opinion — some defend it as a skilled discipline which takes years to hone, while others reckon that if you can legibly jot your name and address, you can probably turn pro.

With Elon Musk’s fake text generator Open AI seemingly able to write realistic news articles and novels, the end might be nigh for human wordsmiths in around 20 years.

But until then, there are still several ways to carve a satisfying career with words — here are five of the most fulfilling.

  1. Digital journalism

While some traditional printed press titles have struggled to transition to the digital sphere, those that embraced concepts like citizen journalism from the start are still going strong.

So becoming a digital journalist with youth media company Vice might be a great way of flexing your writing muscles for many years into the future.

Plus, the guerilla-style filmmaking the channel champions would lead to some fascinating left field assignments.

  1. Screenwriting

Penning the script for a Hollywood blockbuster fuels the fantasies of many writers. But these days, screenwriting for TV might be an even more lucrative option — if a digital network like Amazon or Netflix picks up your pitch, the big bucks will roll in.

And, since you’ve got a wider story arc to expand across several series, you’ll embrace creating an entire universe of characters, scenarios, interconnected narratives and never-ending twists in the tail.

  1. Short story writing

There was a time when, technically and commercially, the short story was regarded as the poor relation of the novel.

But mastering the shorter form might actually require more refined writing chops and, in a time-starved era with endless digital distractions, stories are making a comeback.

They’re also well-aligned with the conversational conventions and brevity of social media platforms — writer Chris McQueer built a loyal audience by sharing his humorous snapshots online before he got into print.  If the format floats your boat, put pen to paper soon.

  1. Bid writing

You’d struggle to claim that bid writing is creative — but if you’ve got an eye for fine details, and the ability to read between the lines of formal instructions and express ideas clearly and concisely, a career as a bid writer might be your bag.

Helping companies win lucrative contracts is big business, and provided you’re adept, you could earn a pretty penny too — anything from £30,000 upwards according to employment site Glassdoor.

  1. Digital content writing

If you can craft a catchy headline and cast spells with superb similes while subtly incorporating SEO keywords in your copy, you’re a shoo-in for a role as a digital content writer.

You could either work for a digital marketing agency like Attercopia or in-house for anyone from a law firm to a major sportswear brand, and tasks range from drafting blogs to writing onsite content and meta data.

Thus ends our list, but please share your own writing career tips in the comments section.