A vast dive into the eyes

Contact lenses from contactlenses.co.uk are perfect for those who want a dramatic change in eye color.  And with the number of brands and options available, it’s confusing to decide which one to choose. Bella colored contact lens and anesthesia lens are among the few popular brands that offer an amazing range of unique lens and a wide variety of color to choose from.

Bella colored contact lens

Bella is one other colored contact lens which is well known among the fashion enthusiastic crowd. They offer a unique verity the too wide verity of colored contact lens with natural to enlarging results. These lenses are very popular among the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and in parts of Europe.

There are different types of collection in the belle lens, each collection offers a unique look and experience.

Bella Elite Collection – this collection is launched in 2017, this collection comes with eight subtle tones. The lenses are available in the shades of gray, blue, hazel, brown, green and many others. For natural looking contacts, Bella Elite Collection is the perfect choice to consider.  For the best experience as a starter, you can choose color options like Sandy Brown, Sandy Gray, and Gray Beige.

Bella Glow Collection – this has nine tints with a combination of vivid and natural looking shades excluding one shade the other eight shades have defined a limbal ring, enhancing your iris making your eyes glow. There are few popular colors, Bella Glow Caramel Gray, Husky Gray Green, Navy Gray and Radiant Hazelnut etc.

Bella Diamond Collection – Allure Blonde, Glitter Gray, Gray Green, and Brown Shadow are the most popular colors. This collection highlights your eye with enlarging effect, make the wearer’s eye shine like diamonds.

Bella Snow White Collection – this collection contains six strong tinted prints, making the eye more noticeable and giving the doll-like feel. Colors Snow White Gray, Snow White Black, and Satin Gray are among the popular shades.

Bella Natural Collection – this is a unique collection with dual color combination with a defining pupil opening. Popular picks are green-yellow, cool hazel, gray-blue.

Anesthesia lens

These are soft contact lenses that retain moisture for a longer duration. these lenses augment hydrogen bonding between water and the lens material, therefore, retaining the maximum amount of moisture throughout their use, very easy to wear and protect your eyes from harmful UV light. These come in four variations Anesthesia  USA, Anesthesia Addict, Anesthesia anesthetic, Anesthesia dream

Addict Gray, Addict Maroon, Anesthesia USA Vegas Pearl, and LA Mocha are highly popular worldwide.

Dream Gray, Dream Blue, and Anesthetic Bronze are popular among the middle east countries like UAE, KSA, and Qatar

Care and storage

Remember to follow the instructions clearly and follow the instruction. For any sort of irritation, redness or discomfort caused, remove the lens clean them and try them if the problem still persists immediately consult an eye specialist. And do not share your contact lens, or sleep while wearing the lens, these can cause some serious damage to the eyes.