Movie Time – Chili Gets to the United Kingdom

If you love watching movies and spend a big part of your free time doing that, and you live in the United Kingdom, then this is great news for you., a movie streaming service recently launched in the UK.

In recent times a lot of streaming services have risen allowing everyone to enjoy their favourite films from home, giving them a big screen experience with all the comforts of your own space. However, there are a few things Chili does differently which make it a great contender and even a pioneer in the field.

Each service has rights to movies and it’s impossible for a streaming service to have every movie to have ever existed available. What’s in important is that the movies and series available are some of the best and most on demand. Chili does this really well, having a very fresh catalogue of titles, with movies that just recently were released but also with old classics we never tire of watching.

Another point that sets Chili apart from competition is that there is no subscription. In other words, you don’t pay a set amount every month regardless of how many movies you watch. Instead it’s a pay per view model, which means you pay for what you watch and only that. Most other streaming services use a subscription model which often times feels off if you end up only watching a couple of movies during the month.

Finally, the service also provides it users with up to date information and trailers about the latest movies or upcoming movies, keeping everyone prepared for the biggest releases.

Chili started out in Italy and has finally taken the big step of launching in the UK. You can watch the movies Chili has to offer on your Smart TV, PC, tablets and even smartphones. Most new Smart TVs also come with Chili pre-installed so it will be easy to find it if you look under Apps.

Cinemas have come a long way but home cinemas are rising and services such as Chili enhance them further. Let us know about your experience with Chili.