Popular Tattoo Ideas and Their Meaning

The history of tattoos goes back to the prehistoric era. Back then, tattoos were done using the small bones of animals. Nowadays, the process is a lot safer. Though throughout the 20th century tattoos were considered crude, the 21st century marked a change. Today, you can find tattoos adorning the bodies of pretty much anybody, from soldiers to lawyers. So, let us take a look at a few popular tattoo ideas and explain their meaning.


The Ace of Spades

One of the most popular designs for a tattoo is the Ace of Spades. A symbol of casinos and gambling, the Ace of Spades is often considered bad luck. The design has been a popular symbol for a long time, but nowadays it is even more popular thanks to the rise of online casinos like the ones found at Novibet.

So, why would you tattoo the symbol of bad luck? Well, a lot of the people doing it just think it is cool. But for others, tattooing the symbol of bad luck is a temptation of fate. In other words, the idea is that if one has the mark of bad luck on them, it can’t get any worse. Some have also taken up the symbol to mean good luck as well.


Another popular tattoo design is an animal. Tattooing the heads or full bodies of animals on one’s body can have numerous meanings. Often times, certain animals are identified with certain characteristics. A lion means courage, a wolf could mean friendship or solitude, a bird often means freedom.

However, animal tattoos can also be a lot more personal. A very popular tattoo design is getting a tattoo of one’s pet. Either a living pet that they love, or a pet that sadly passed away. Putting ink-to-skin is a great tribute to a beloved and loyal friend.


One of the most popular tattoo ideas and designs is putting names on your skin. Many tattoo artists are apprehensive about giving out name tattoos, because a lot of things can go wrong. However, when you are absolutely certain that you are in the relationship that is right for you, getting the name of your significant other could be a sweet gesture.

Alternatively, the name does not have to belong to a significant other. It could be the name of your mother, father, sibling, or perhaps a close friend. To tie back to the previous entry, the name could also belong to a beloved pet.


Anchors are another popular tattoo design. They are simple, easy to place on one’s body, and though tattoos are no longer considered a kiss of death, it is easy to obscure if you ever need it hidden. The anchor could represent different concepts. One popular meaning is safety and security. Often times married couples get matching anchor tattoos to represent that they’ve “docked the ship”.

Another popular reason to get an anchor is if your profession is tied to the sea. Sailors, marine biologists, navy soldiers, and naval officers often get anchor tattoos to represent their connection to the ocean or the sea. Of course, some people simply get the tattoo because they think the design is cool, which goes for all of the tattoos mentioned above.