Recreational Facilities: Can They Boost Productivity in the Workplace

Corporate offices have redefined their workplaces by adding recreational facilities to boost their employees’ energy and focus levels. These facilities vary in terms of nature, volume, space, and technology. Companies with ample space can add an indoor table tennis court, badminton court, chess corner, etc. On the other hand, businesses with limited space can include therapeutic massage chairs, a reading corner, a cafeteria, a nap room etc.

Recreational facilities have become critical criteria for employees to decide on their dream jobs or companies where they would like to work. If you ask someone what they look for in a dream job, you may expect to hear something about the workplace having a swimming pool, gym, and other such facilities. Recreational facilities have added value to a company as people work harder to get employment at their dream offices.

Incorporating recreational facilities in the workplace not only boosts employee morale but also enhances productivity. To complement this, having the right workwear suitable for offices ensures that employees feel comfortable and professional, further contributing to a positive work environment.

What Is Recreation?

Recreation is a broader term to describe. It is a series of activities that a person performs to relax and entertain. Recreational activities motivate you to complete a task. In the past, recreation was kept separate from work with clear boundaries. It was believed that recreation could cause distraction in workplaces.

Today successful managers have realized that recreation is as vital as remuneration. There are many reasons why cooperative offices prefer recreational facilities in the workplace. Let us look at some of there in detail:

Benefits of Creating Recreational Area in Offices

Start-ups such as you may wonder whether it is wise enough to allocate funds for establishing recreational activity areas for their employees. The following pointers can help you decide:

Improves Teamwork and Cooperation

The recreational facility can help improve the team’s morale by adding fun to the work. Recreational activities like tennis matches can help break-ice between employees and bosses. Employees can interact across departments which can lead to a friendly work environment. Assertive communication can better help companies pitch sales and marketing, in particular.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Most companies believe that work and play should go hand in hand. Some employees may be more stressed because of family issues, health issues, or work pressure. Adding a massage chair and a nap room can help these employees relax and improve productivity.

Massage chairs relieve the tensed muscles and help the body release serotonin, a hormone that keeps anxiety away. A massage chair can also help with back pain after prolonged sitting. Premium massage chairs, like the ones showcased at Wonder Massage Chairs, come with added bells and whistles that can woo employees. Some of them even come with Android and Apple connectivity for relaxation and enjoyment. 

Similarly, power naps at the office help employees concentrate better, ease stress, improve alertness, and better memory. A room with bean bags or recliners is ideal for employees to enjoy a power nap and feel refreshed to work. 

Unlocks Creativity

Adding a reading or a craft corner can help employees use their creativity to relax the mind and get fresh ideas. Some offices have small pottery corners for employees to create pots. Playing with the mud is a natural sensory game that signals the mind to relax. Moreover, when employees are provided with fun at work, they are more likely to have better ideas to complete projects.

Improves Staff Retention Rate

Stress is one of the main reasons for employees leaving a workplace. Recreational activities keep the employees relaxed and help relieve stress, ultimately helping them achieve goals. Change in the staff delays goal accomplishment and even disturbs the working as the employees have to wait for the team to complete. Therefore, companies that provide an opportunity for employees to relax while working are more likely to have a higher staff retention rate.

Improves Efficiency

Employees provided with a platform to communicate, exchange thoughts, and entertain together in a friendly environment have better work efficiency. They can also understand the work requirement easily and produce optimum results. Besides, employees of such companies feel more connected. Therefore, they put their best to complete assigned tasks.

Provides Growth Opportunity

Recreational activities provide employees with an opportunity to grow in their careers by staying focused, just like how kids need to study and play to maintain a balance. Employees also need an environment to shape their minds and realize what needs to be achieved. A balanced mind effectively takes decisions, challenges, and growth opportunities.

Believing in oneself is as important as believing in the company. If you are a start-up or someone looking for a job, a recreational environment in your office has to be the priority as it will help you achieve the desired goals timely. You can choose from many options to have a balanced work environment at the office.

These options can include weekend parties, a swimming pool, a gym, a relaxing coach, or a nap corner. It is also important to note that adding recreational facilities to the workplace can help boost the employees’ confidence. A confident employee always adds success to the company.