Struggling With Massive Hair Loss? Here Are A Few Solutions

About 85% of men experience hair thinning and baldness as they age and this can be a great source of stress and insecurity. Other factors like genetics, lifestyle, and diet can also contribute to the challenge of receding hair. Women can also suffer the problem of hair loss. Many people do not feel comfortable with issues like hair loss since it is often associated with old age. However, the good news is that there are different options that you can consider to resolve this problem. Here are a few solutions that you can consider if you are struggling with massive hair loss.

Choose Appropriate Hairstyle

We wear different hairstyles to improve our aesthetic appearance, but some of them can contribute to hair loss. For instance, excessive styling of hair like tight cornrows and pigtails can cause hair loss. Other hairstyles can lead to the pulling of hair from the follicles, or the hair can break due to the high degree of tightness. Additionally, other hair treatment methods like heat straightening can cause poor quality of hair and ultimately, hair loss. Hot oil treatment leads to inflammation of the follicles that will result in loss of hair. You must choose the right hair products to use in your grooming routine.

Regular Exercise is Good for Your Hair

Regular exercise can significantly help you address the problem of hair loss. Exercising is good for your health since it affects all organs of the body, including hair follicles. Workouts improve the flow of blood in the body which carries oxygen and nutrients to different parts. Hair follicles require appropriate nutrients and oxygen to promote the growth of hair. These components are also good for skin health.

Use Hair Loss Treatment

If your hair loss is caused by underlying medical conditions, you can consider the option of aggressive treatment. There are different types of supplements and hair loss treatments that are designed for addressing the problem of baldness among different people. However, you know that no amount of treatment or supplements can cure hair loss that is caused by hereditary factors. If your ancestors have a history of baldness, then you should learn to accept and live with your condition.

Different types of hair loss treatments come in topical form, and you need to apply them to the affected areas. Topical treatments for hair loss include gels, foams, lotions, creams, and ointments. Additionally, you may also need to consider supplements that come in the form of capsules, and they also help prevent or reverse hair loss problems. You can get some of these supplements and treatments over the counter, but it is a good idea to consult your doctor first before you use them. Some of the medications can cause side effects, especially if you have underlying allergies. When you see any symptoms likely to be a result of the treatment, stop using it and visit your doctor.

Get Enough Time to Sleep

Sleeping is good for your overall health and hair in particular. Stress can contribute to loss of hair, and sleeping is a natural remedy that can help you resolve this problem. Emotional shock or excessive stress caused by different factors can cause thinning of hair. The type of hair loss that you are likely to experience is temporary, which means that sufficient sleep can be a viable solution.

Have a Good Diet

Loss of hair can be caused by poor diet or deficiencies in other nutrients like iron, vitamins, and other compounds that enhance hair growth. You should include fresh foods and greens in your diet if you want to enjoy a healthy growth of your hair. You also need to add proteins, eggs, and fish to your diet to resolve the challenge of poor or thinning hair. Vitamin D is crucial in the growth of your hair, and you can obtain it from the sun. Habits like smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol can impact the growth of your hair and your overall health. It is never too late to quit smoking or reduce the volumes of alcohol you consume.

Hair loss is caused by different factors like stress, poor diet, underlying medical conditions, or excessive intake of alcohol and smoking. If you are a victim of hair loss, there are different measures that you can consider to resolve the problem. Make sure you maintain a healthy diet, and you should exercise regularly. Sufficient rest is also vital for the health of your hair. Alternatively, you can use hair loss treatments, but you need to consult your doctor first.