Types of Marijuana Edibles

While the word “edible” generally refers to food, when talking about marijuana edibles, it actually refers to anything you ingest by mouth. As such, if you’re unfamiliar with edible marijuana, you may need to learn about the various types of edibles available and their various effects.


Of course, the most obvious type of marijuana edible is cannabis-infused food. This category includes food items like brownies, cookies, candy, bacon, pasta sauces, and even chips. They are the most popular type of edible because they taste good and are readily available everywhere that cannabis is legal. As marijuana use becomes more acceptable, there are even chefs that are putting marijuana edible dishes on their menus, although this is still a fairly new phenomenon. However, you can expect cannabis-infused food items to continue to evolve as more places legalize marijuana in their communities. Marijuana in food can have extremely strong and long-lasting effects, so try only a little to begin with.


Another way that edible marijuana is making its mark in the culinary world is in beverages. Teas have long been a way for people to ingest marijuana, but now products like cannabis-infused beer, sodas, and coffee drinks are cropping up in cities where recreational marijuana use is legal. In liquid form, the THC in marijuana can hit the bloodstream quickly and can have a more potent effect than smoking or vaping marijuana, so be careful with marijuana beverages if you’re not sure how much you can handle.


If you’re not a fan of how marijuana tastes, but want the effects from it, you may want to try dissolvable cannabinoid powder, which is odorless and tasteless and can be used in almost any food you can imagine. Since it’s a powder, you can mix it into sauces, doughs, and soups, and you’ll never know it’s in there until you start to feel its effects. Many people choose to dissolve this power into shakes or smoothies to take advantage of the medicinal properties of the drug while not having to taste its somewhat bitter flavor.


Tinctures are considered edibles because they are ingested through the mouth. A tincture is essentially an alcohol-based liquid that you place under your tongue using a medicine dropper. This form of marijuana allows you to better control your dose because you know exactly how much THC is in each drop of liquid. You can also put drops of a tincture into drinks or foods, and they are excellent if you want an edible when no one else does. This type of edible will hit your bloodstream faster than others because it enters it almost immediately.

Non-THC Edibles

You are also able to get the benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects by consuming non-THC edibles, which are also called CBD edibles. These products contain less than 0.03% THC, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. CBD edibles are legal everywhere, and come in all the same forms as regular cannabis-infused edibles.


Consuming marijuana in an edible form is an excellent alternative to smoking it, and you’re likely to have a more intense experience as well, since the psychoactive effects of edible marijuana tend to be more potent than those related to smoking. Just be sure to go slow until you know how much your body can handle.