Tarot for self-development

While commonly used for divination purposes, tarot can be an amazing tool for self-exploration and self-development. Even if you don’t believe in its magic qualities, it can work its magic for you on a card by card basis.

A crowd of people looks at a red man. Asociality, sociopathy. Rejected from society, lonely. Infected, fear and misunderstanding. Development of leadership and social qualities. Have a different opinion

Tarot – a glimpse into the future you

Tarot has long been used as a divination method. While you can give yourself readings, you can get the most out of it by getting readings from professional and gifted tarot readers. They can come up with surprising and even shockingly accurate predictions of future events, but the cards can also be used in many other ways.

Some readers can offer you amazing insight into reasons or processes involved in your own personal workings, touching on topics like shadow work and inner child work or decoding deep personal workings and behavioral or emotional and relational patterns about which you may be entirely unaware.

Once such so called “sore spots” are revealed, processed, and accepted as a part of you, tarot can then go a step further and provide potential ways to best address those aspects of yourself, potential outcomes of addressing them, and give you likely scenarios you can then work with in order to make your way to the best version of yourself as smoothly as possible

Tarot – a doorway into yourself

Carl Jung, for instance, thought that tarot was a key to exploring one’s unconscious mind.

Your interpretation of cards and card combinations can reveal things first and foremost about yourself, your thought process, your emotional associations, fears, hopes, and desires – all the juicy stuff you might want to work with or work on, if you’re trying to heal certain things and become the best version of you.

While you may or may not see the cards as doors into potential future outcomes or events, simply journaling your personal feelings, reactions, and thoughts to each of its meanings and symbolisms can help you come up with a map of interesting points you might want to take a deeper look into. Careful exploration of those points could result in beautifully transformative breakthroughs.

In short

If you’re trying to take a closer look at your personal inner workings, tarot readings are a great way to go about it. Whether you believe in its power as a divination tool or simply as a system of archetypes and symbolisms, it can help you discover numerous things about yourself.