The Advantages Of Cutting Edge Medical Technology

The world has the privilege of benefiting from many fascinating medical devices and forms of cutting-edge medicine. Many of these medical treatments are life-saving and have the potential to keep people live longer. This progress in medical advancements comes from dedicated physicians like those at Riverside Medical, plus dedicated engineers, scientists, and more.

Although no one likes to think about it, medical treatments and medicine in general has flourished through the advancement of animal testing using automated mouse ear tags and other cutting-edge medical devices. As people became more and more concerned with animal welfare, the testing pro cedures are now more humane than ever and they help save human lives as well.

With that in mind, we’ll take a closer look at top cutting-edge advancements in medical technology currently available. These breakthroughs are changing the way doctors practice and treat patients for the better, so it’s worth it to pay closer attention to them.

  1. Medicine Doses Dispersed Through Contact Lenses

The most interesting development we’ve seen in recent years involves glaucoma sufferers finally finding a way to get their eye drop medicine delivered in a much more convenient, hassle-free way. As a matter of fact, they are currently testing and developing a special type of contact lenses that have the ability to deliver the glaucoma drug directly via the lines. This medicine is important to glaucoma sufferers because it can relieve ocular pressure, which makes their lives a lot more comfortable while improving their vision.

The great thing about this particular contact lens is that it’s fully adaptable to help treat those suffering from nearsightedness and farsightedness. Plus the lens is designed not to affect a person’s vision, which is obviously very important to someone dealing with glaucoma on a daily basis.

  1. New Prosthetic Limb Advancements For Amputees

Next, we are happy to tell you that scientists and medical researchers have recently come up with some fantastic new advancements for prosthetic limbs. Amputees are happy to have these new options available, and the prosthetic technology has improved drastically throughout the years. Long gone are the days of the unattractive peg leg and robotic looking limbs.

Also, these prosthetics are incredibly powerful. They are actually controlled by signals from the brain which are fed into artificial skin. They can provide a sense of touch, feeling and look incredibly real. So amputees are soon going to have the ability to control hands and legs with their mind as these powerful new prosthetic limbs improve and reach levels of mass production. It’s hard to say when this will happen, but it’s important to note that this technology does exist and will become part of the mainstream not too far in the future.

  1. Diabetes Treatments That Do Not Require Needles

Lastly, we’ve recently learned that medical science has come up with a biosensor patch that has the ability to let diabetic patients test their glucose levels from a patch that is placed directly on their skin. This is good because the device brushes away the top layer of the skin. Then, a sensor has the ability to check the blood chemistry right on the spot, and diabetic patients will no longer have to draw blood using outdated, annoying, and uncomfortable methods.


As you can see, there are many wonderful advancements taking place in cutting-edge medical technology. As time goes by, we will continue to see more and more powerful advancements created to help people receive expert medical care and treatment.