The Blockchain and the Online Casinos

The new technological age not only brought with it high-end automated systems, but also turned the virtual market around with the creation, nine years ago, of the first electronic currency:  The Bitcoin. Yes, cryptocurrencies have totally transformed the economic system that the world used to have.

At first the idea of investing large amounts of money in a non-physical currency aroused distrust in many consumers, but that changed over time.

Now, the bitcoin is only the tip of the iceberg, it is simply the cover or the commercial name placed in front of a superior technology that has allowed to store, transmit, confirm and safeguard the data of millions of transactions and their users worldwide.

This superior technology behind the bitcoins is none other than the blockchain, a complex encryption and data backup platform that supports the virtual currencies

The blockchain functions as a great administrator of a large part of the virtual negotiations in the world, allowing the identity of the participants to be kept in check, as well as any other transcendental data. In addition to this, the limits on the amounts are eliminated and intermediaries are not required during the transactions.

Not in vain the blockchain and the online casinos have created a perfect and extremely interesting pair that makes it easier for players around the world to keep their identities safe, and, above all: to ensure their money and the discretion of their accounts.

The blockchain  and the industry


Although the recent technological changes have been abrupt, the great protagonists of the world economy have managed to adapt to them in an effective form.

The bitcoin and the blockchain have brought with them significant reforms in the way in which many companies participated in the economic fact. There has been recognition of the importance of rethinking how products are offered and how to take advantage of new ways of payment.

However, these new technologies have also played havoc with some companies that insist on following the old standards, corporations that have simply preferred not to adapt to change or use it in their favor, an attitude that in the very short term will have its consequences

For large consortiums, the most significant contribution of the blockchain has been to provide security and protection, both to customers’ data and to their money.

Even though the blockchains do not work with banking entities, their coding system and high security codes provide the consumer, or in this case the companies, with a lot of confidence and tranquility. The crimes and the technological frauds have been left behind with this new technology

Virtual money has become more common and secure than the cumbersome bundles of bills. The creators of software of the different franchises of the world trust fully in this system, and since their appearance in 2009 they have been innovating to include in their platforms bitcoin and blockchain technology for all types of transactions

A very notable case is that of the suppliers of online gambling and casinos, who, as mentioned above, have used these advances to offer their customers the greatest possible comfort and security that can be provided from any part of the world.

Your money is secure with the blockchains

The danger of the virtual banking movement begins when we provide our personal data in the web pages, which is one of the main policies of the companies that provide us the service.

Our addresses, our account statement, personal identification, card numbers, everything is exposed, and for nobody is a secret the evil that is causing the plagiarism of data, especially in the mode of “phishing”, at present.

It has been the boom of virtual crimes that has led online companies to implement bitcoin and blockchain technology in each of their transactions. This has considerably reduced the number of complaints from users, increasing, of course, the satisfaction in the services.

The extensive and long encodings, typical of this technology, ensure the information of each negotiation, generating only advantages and benefits. Practically: with the blockchain, everyone is a winner.

Many casinos around the world are using this technology, which has forged great confidence, attracting countless people to their platforms.

In and you will find everything you need to know to play in the best online casinos with bitcoins and protected by blockchain technology.

Real Bonuses, real money

Virtual gambling houses for years were accused of cheating. It was thought that the software designers had created a mechanism that did not allow to win, but after many bets. For a long time in all corners of the planet it was known of people who had been robbed by this means.

But now online casinos enjoy a very good reputation, people increasingly prefer them more than a common casino. The simple fact of offering bonuses to enter and fill out a registration form has been a great incentive. If you enter here you will see many of the most respected online sportsbooks:

Online casinos, nowadays, fully comply with the winnings in betting. All achievements obtained in which real money is generated are paid firmly at the end of the week, or according to the pattern that is managed. This has been made more stable and secure with blockchain technology.

It is necessary to understand that this technology not only benefits the clients, but also the casinos. Annually, hundreds of thousands of scams are carried out on virtual platforms. With blockchain technology, casinos have been able to back up and secure their data against virtual criminals.

Obtain your money whenever you want without intermediaries

The operation of bitcoin technology through the blockchain, is simple. It is up to each person to consult with the specialists and start using this innovative virtual resource in their daily life.

When you are going to acquire or invest something on the internet, it is advisable to ask for the blockchain system, and, if possible, demand for it. In the entertainment rooms of online casinos where you play for real money, the best thing to do is request that service.

To forget already the unnecessary intermediaries who only seek to stay with large commissions and, worse, with the data of the participants. Now you can have the money anywhere, anytime and manage it at your convenience without consequences.

Incorporating blockchain support into daily life and coding finances from anywhere in the world is the new way to operate.